How to Play Chord Style Piano


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How to Play Chord Style Piano

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If you've ever tried to learn how to play piano without success, this book is for you.

How to Play Chord Style Piano presents a unique and enjoyable approach to piano instruction. It begins with a thorough introduction of the basics and ends by discussing more advanced techniques, such as improvisation. It also includes a helpful chord guide.

The concepts in this book are explained in plain English and will help you become a competent fakebook player (a fake book is a collection of lead sheets that contain a melody line and chords for each song). Chord style playing is commonly used by both amateurs and professionals in a variety of genres including jazz, pop, folk, and (less commonly) classical music.

The author of this book learned to play piano as an adult. Frustrated by traditional methods, he was ready to give up. Then he discovered this style of playing and has spent the last decade performing, teaching, recording and thoroughly enjoying his unexpectedly musical life.
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