The Complete Life: Living Within Four Dimensions of Human Life


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The Complete Life: Living Within Four Dimensions of Human Life

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What is a ‘complete life’? Is it a reality or an illusion? Is it achievable, or is it opposed to reality? These questions have been pondered by many great minds for time immemorial, but no answers have so far been provided by human concepts and theories.
The title of this book sprang from the fact that I have been asking myself the same question: How can life be completely lived? My insatiable quest for answers to the above questions led me to this incredible revelation about the foundational structures of the life of Jesus, which is a priceless resource for this book.
This book is meant to help those who are confronted with the same and similar questions, especially youth — they have more years and broader life opportunities to carve out a life that encompasses all the dimensions that constitute a ‘complete life’ which have been revealed in this book.
The inability to understand and explain everything in life with human language is normal and does not necessarily mean life is an illusion. Life indeed, has meaning and a purpose. By the time you will have completed this book, you will fully understand life in its entirety.
There are many half-truths and completely falsified answers out there. Intellectualism and materialism — as well as individual and community values and principles — serve only to muddy and confuse an understanding of a ‘complete life’ or ‘complete living’.

Although being materially self-sufficient or living a moderate life in this material world fulfils part of the dominion mandate, materialism cannot in any way be a substitute for ‘complete life’. It is not the standard against which complete life should be measured. Jesus did not have material possession and wealth, yet He is the most successful person who has ever lived on this planet. In the same way, the Apostles, having dedicated their lives to Christ never became materially rich, yet we are still reaping their success.
It is exactly what Jesus alluded to in Matthew 6:33 when He said, “But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”. The admonition here is that the priority of life should not be material acquisition. It should rather be the source and the power behind all things — The Kingdom of God. Every material thing in this world emanated from the spiritual realm of God’s Kingdom.
To be sure, one can read many books, in fact, good books, including philosophy, psychology, Christian literature, novels, fiction, and self-help and motivational books. But I want you to take the time to read this book also — you will not be disappointed. You will be inspired to read this book over and over again, because it has the capacity to shape your life by re-directing your perspective on life.
Understanding the content of this book and the message that this book conveys may well be a life-changing event for you. My wish for you is that reading this book may be an insightful and exciting experience that will enable you to grow and that will position you on a higher pedestal in life.

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