The Aging Proposition


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The Aging Proposition

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Age over youth?

Whether you are already 50, or just someone who expects to be someday, The Aging Proposition is a must-read. Written by best-selling fitness author and health coach Scott Abel, this book explores not just how to add years to your life, but also — as the saying goes — how to add life to your years, with practical health, wellness and fitness advice on aging fantastically, and make your later years better than ever.

Scott discusses important topics about aging and youthfulness:

• How to approach weight loss and health after age 50.
• Dealing with a fear of aging.
• The differences between your biological age, chronological age, and your psychological age.
• Taking well-known concepts like "mindfulness" and applying them to how you view your own aging.
• How to embrace your age and live "age-tastically"!

This book uses research both old and new, and builds on Scott's own experiences working with his older coaching clients. Over age 50 himself, Scott discusses the habits and mindsets that will keep you living and feeling healthy and making the most of the gifts that come with aging.

Pick up your copy of The Aging Proposition today... and start living age-tastically!

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