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Daemon Uprising

Daemon Uprising

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Daemon Uprising

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17. März 2017


The world of the supernatural is real and living among us, a fact Tabitha Culver knows all too well. Ten years ago, evil supernatural creatures she never thought existed attacked Tabitha. Now, she works for the Supernatural Council to defend humanity against the malevolent forces unknowingly hunting them. A new darkness has risen up in the form of Kakodaemons. Tabitha, a by-the-books straight arrow is teamed up with the Euadaemon Kiernan, a bend-the-rules, sexy bad boy. With Tabitha and Kiernan the sparks fly, sometimes literally! To take down the bad guys, they have to put their differences aside and work together. However, a dark secret and sizzling attraction could prove to be distractions they can’t afford. Tabitha must learn to trust her partner, and her heart, in order to eliminate this new threat to humanity.
17. März 2017

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Daemon Uprising - Mariah Ankenman


Chapter 1

Do you know how hard it is to get blood out of cashmere? Tabitha shouted in frustration.

Bringing her arms high above her head, she slashed downward. The razor-sharp sword in her grasp whistled as it sped through the air. It met its intended target, and sliced clean through the neck of the Kakodaemon in front of her. His head sailed through the air, landing with a thunk a few feet away, as his body collapsed at her feet.

The corpse slowly decomposed into a pile of mush with no response to her inquiry. Her brand new sweater, the perfect fit, in the perfect color, that just happened to be on sale, now covered in dark sticky blood. She sighed. Damn her luck. She really shouldn’t have bought the sweater to begin with. She bought the garment on impulse. Not once in her life had she been accused of being impulsive. That should teach her—go against the grain and it always came back to bite you in the ass.

Tabitha kicked loose dirt over the now-reduced puddle of mush. Why can’t you guys just turn to dust?

Well, first off, they’re not Vampires. And second, this isn’t some late 1990s television show.


The cherry on top of the crap sundae of her night. She growled at the all too familiar voice behind her, turning to confirm what she already knew, Kiernan. He wore a smug smirk on his face as he leaned his impressively built frame against a large pine tree. How she hated that haughty little smile. She’d like to kick it off his arrogant face, but they technically fought for the same team, for now anyway.

Tabitha wiped the blood off her sword and pushed the button to retract the blade. She shoved it in the holder on her hip and gave the Euadaemon a withering stare.

Well, I remember a lot of Demons turning to dust on that show as well.

Kiernan’s ice-blue gaze narrowed, his body stilled, tension radiating off him in waves. She knew it impolite to call a Daemon a Demon. Two different species entirely, though the unknowing mass population didn’t know that. They didn’t even know either one existed. Most people believed Demons, Vampires, and other mythical-like creatures only lived in stories or popular media forms. The ones with an inkling of their existence were either crazy or everyone labeled them as such.

The stuff of nightmares and pop culture did, in fact, exist. Though, many of the popular theories about them were wrong. Nothing was immortal. No matter how hard a Vampire tried to convince you otherwise, everything died eventually.

Low blow. Even for you. You know there is a world of difference between Demons and Daemons.

Yes, she did, but Kiernan irritated her to no end. It might be childish to insult him, but sometimes she couldn’t help herself. And since he was over two hundred years old to her twenty-eight, she was a child. Relatively speaking.

What do you want, Kiernan?

He relaxed, his smile falling back into place. Racine wants to see you, Tabby Cat.

I told you not to call me that. Her hands curled into tight fists.

Same team, do not punch him.


He shrugged, brushing imaginary dirt off his coat. Don’t know. Didn’t tell me. He just said to fetch you, and bring you back to headquarters.

Headquarters sat a few miles outside Denver, Colorado. Out in the suburbs, where more forest than city inhabited the landscape. Covert and secluded to provide cover, but close enough to the city to get the job done. The council’s job was to eliminate Kakodaemons and any other evil non-human preying on the innocent.

Tabitha had been brought into the council ten years ago after a Kakodaemon attacked her and her kid sister, Krista. She survived. Her sister, well, she was alive. If spending the last decade in a coma was considered living.

Racine—the current head of the council—had taken Tabitha to headquarters and offered her a chance for justice, to join them in the fight against evil. At first, she refused, after all Racine was a Daemon too, the very thing that attacked her and her sister. A thing, that in all her eighteen years, she had always thought a myth, fairy tale, Hollywood hoopla.

Racine explained things to her, showed her the difference between truth and myth. He explained how Daemons were much like humans, and they could choose to be good, like the Euadaemons, or bad, like the Kakodaemons. So, she joined the ranks and never looked back. Ten years later, she was far from the naive eighteen year old that first walked through the headquarters’ doors. She’d seen and done things she never imagined in her wildest dreams.

Fine. Let’s go. She marched past him, toward her car.

I could get us there a lot faster. A devilish glint lit Kiernan’s eyes as wings appeared through the hidden slits in his long black duster.

It’s ten minutes away.

He said it was important.

A cold shudder racked her body as she stared at his now fully expanded wings. She tried to hide her reaction, but by the grin on his face she knew he’d seen it. I’m taking my car. You do whatever you want.

His wings flapped once, lifting him into the air a few inches. He knew she hated flying, especially when the only thing keeping her from falling to a painful death was how tightly she gripped the Daemon. He just liked to torment her for some sick reason unbeknownst to her.

See ya there, Tabby Cat.

With that, he lifted into the air, shooting straight up into the night sky.

Stop calling me that! She raised a fist to the sky, but he had already vanished.

She knew he heard her, with his superior hearing and all. Stupid Daemons and their extraordinary powers.

Sliding into the driver’s seat, she pulled out of the parking lot of the quiet little park.

Off to headquarters for another assignment.

She just hoped Racine had someone really nasty for her to kill. In a foul mood, she needed someone to take out her frustration. Her new sweater was ruined, and she had to spend time in Kiernan’s presence. How could the night get any worse?

Tabitha sped down the street wondering if she just jinxed herself.

Chapter 2

After a quick drive, she pulled up in front of the large Victorian-styled house. To anyone passing by, the old house with its bay windows and iron railings looked like any other home in the area, but beneath the seemingly ordinary structure laid a massive underground compound. When the council acquired the house, they also procured the twenty acres of land surrounding the house. The forest out back was protected under a wildlife preservation act prohibiting building upon it. Headquarters was as secluded as they could get.

From human eyes.

Tabitha got out of her car and headed up the walk. Kiernan was already there, sitting on the front porch swing, the smug little smirk on his face again.

There you are. I started to worry.

She stomped up the steps—a little louder than usual—and headed straight for the front door. Screw you.

Your place or mine? His deep voice chuckled.

She would not even dignify that with a response.

In his dreams. Okay, and maybe a few of her crazy wild, I-ate-too-much-pizza-before-bed dreams too. No doubt Kiernan was one fine specimen. Most Daemons were. All that supernatural juice flowing through their veins. His broad shoulders, strong jaw, dark wavy hair that hung just past his chin in a bad-boy biker style, and ice-blue eyes attracted the ladies everywhere he went. His well-defined muscles and very fine ass helped attract some boys as well.

For her, his height appealed the most. At five-foot-three, most men were taller than her. She’d always been told she had a bit of a Napoleon complex. She welcomed the challenge of tall men. Most thought they could use their size to dominate her. They soon learned otherwise. No one dominated Tabitha Culver, no one. Kiernan’s six-foot-four stature tempted her like cream-filled doughnuts at a weight-loss meeting. Daemon DNA for ya; tall, built, and sexy.

He knew it too, which annoyed her to no end. Plus, he was a Daemon. An Euadaemon, sure, but a Daemon nonetheless. Even though she worked for the Euadaemons, Tabitha vowed never to get physical with any of them. Hell, she rarely got intimate with human men. The last one had been so long ago she wondered if it was even worth it. She had more important things to do besides getting laid, like killing evil.

She knocked on the door, feeling Kiernan’s presence behind her. Hard to ignore a presence like his—strong, sexual, deadly—but she tried her best. Hot breath tickled the back of her neck as he leaned over to whisper in her ear, his deep voice vibrating her back, Come on, Tabby Cat. I’m just messing with you.

She brought her elbow up, connecting with his gut. He let out a whoosh of air and what could have been described as a grunt if he had any air left in his lungs.

Stop calling me Tabby Cat. Her teeth ground together as the door opened.

Mrs. Buckley, headquarters’ housekeeper-cook-doctor-mother to all, stood in the doorway. The bright smile that rarely left the woman’s face beamed back at both of them. Tabitha liked Mrs. Buckley or Bucky as she insisted everyone call her. From the first time she met the woman, she felt safe, protected, and loved. A mother’s love, something she had not experienced since age seven. Bucky waved them in with a flick of her wrinkled hand.

She didn’t know the exact age of the old woman or if Mrs. Buckley was even human. Bucky’s species didn’t matter, everyone loved her. But anyone mistaking the woman for all sweet smiles and peach pie would be sorely mistaken. When Bucky got riled up, everyone got out of the way. No one messed with the older woman when she set her mind to something. She looked old and fragile, but appearances were often times deceiving. In Bucky’s case, that went double.

Come in, children, come in.

Bucky called everyone a child. Not in a degrading way. She just saw everyone as younger than her, and for all anyone knew, they were.

Thanks, Bucky. She kissed the old woman’s age-spotted cheek as she passed into the house.

Kiernan gave Bucky a kiss on both cheeks as he followed Tabitha inside. Bucky, you get prettier every time I see you.

Young man, I do not take kindly to lies. Bucky waved a finger at him, the smile still on her face. But flattery is always appreciated.

Kiernan could charm his way out of anything, another reason Tabitha found him intolerable. She was a firm believer in hard work and following the rules. Kiernan was known for bending the rules on more than one occasion.

Is Racine ready for me? Always to the point, she didn’t engage in small talk. Just another way to delay. No time for trivial pleasantries when there were bad guys to kill.

Bucky nodded, closing the door. She pointed down the hall to the library. He’s waiting for both of you.

Uh-oh, that couldn’t be good.


Once again, the old woman nodded and moved ahead of them, toward the library. Something was up. Her gaze narrowed as she turned back to Kiernan.

Had he known their boss also wanted to speak to him? What did the Euadaemon know that she didn’t? Judging by the surprised look on his face, he too was as taken off guard. Okay, so obviously he didn’t know what Racine wanted to talk to them about. Or he was a very good liar. She wouldn’t put money on either.

They followed Bucky down the hall to the library. Tabitha’s entire studio apartment could fit in the library, twice. Built-in bookshelves lined the walls. A rolling ladder set on a track, circled the room so people without wings could reach the higher volumes. The first time she had seen the library, she thought back to a cartoon she used to watch as a child, Beauty and the Beast. Some definite resemblance.

Racine sat behind his massive desk in the middle of the room. A plethora of books spread before him. The Euadaemon was a master of research; he loved books more than anyone she had ever met. As head of the Region Seven Council, his job entailed delegating to the Enforcers. The first time they met, Racine was just an Enforcer himself, a member of the party who saved her and her sister Krista. He still blamed himself for what happened to Krista, for not reaching them in time. Tabitha knew he had saved them from an ugly death.

The attack happened in a dark park on their way home from a movie. At first, she chalked it up to a random mugging. Then she saw the wings. Muggers did not have wings. Humans did not have wings. She had tried to run, but the guy was fast. She remembered the fear, not only for herself, but also for her little sister. Terror still choked her when she thought of that night, her world ripped apart and death had come knocking.

They hadn’t died. Racine and a crew of Enforcers came to their rescue. Unfortunately, the Kako attacker got away. He hadn’t killed them, but the damage to Krista already occurred. Her soul had been drained so much her mind shut down. She now spent her days in a hospital just outside the city. The doctors said she was in a coma and she would come out of it any day, but it had been ten years and Krista still lay there day after day, not moving. Racine blamed himself; Tabitha thanked him for her sister’s life.

Yo, boss man. What’s up?

Shaking herself from her memories, Tabitha cringed at Kiernan’s informality. Not that they were a strictly formal operation. Most of the Enforcers were related somehow and respect given to everyone, but Kiernan’s laid-back approach to everything got on Tabitha’s nerves. Someone once told her she was too uptight and stuffy. She took it as a compliment. Sloppiness meant people got hurt, especially in her line of work. She preferred to do everything by the book. A rule follower since birth, she’d never even cut in line before. She loved rules. They made her feel in control. Without rules, chaos reigned. Nothing good had ever come from chaos.

Racine looked up and smiled. Thank you for coming on such short notice. His gaze shot to Kiernan. Both of you.

The Euadaemon’s shoulders shrugged as he motioned for Racine to continue. The head of the council invited them to sit with a nod. Kiernan took the offer, making himself comfortable in one of the plush large chairs facing the desk. She chose to stand.

We’ve got a problem with a Kako, Racine said.

Kiernan snorted. What else is new?

The older Daemon shot him a dark look. He’s gathering recruits.

All humor left Kiernan’s face. He shot up in his seat. She watched him tense, his body going eerily still. Kakos are solitary. They never group up.

Well, this one has found a way to get others to follow him.

Who is he? she asked, hands clenching into tight fists at her sides. His identity really didn’t matter. She would find him and kill him, but the question provided answers, information to make hunting easier.

Racine’s gaze moved to her. He calls himself The Dark One, but his real name is Stryden.

He pushed a folder across the desk. Kiernan opened it and perused the contents. Tabitha inched forward to look over her fellow Enforcer’s shoulder. It contained the dossier of the Kakodaemon Stryden, all previous addresses, aliases, known victims, and a photo. Short dirty blond hair complemented a long square face. His eyes were narrow and beady, dangerous-looking eyes. He seemed like an average guy, one who wouldn’t stand out too much in a crowd. Not too handsome, but not repulsive either, the perfect background blender, which made the job harder.

How many followers? Kiernan glanced up. His calm tone belied the apprehension she saw stiffen his body.

Tabitha didn’t blame him. One Kako was hard enough to take down. A group of them would be almost unstoppable. The power of a human soul being too tantalizing to share had always worked in the council’s favor. Kakos did not like sharing and, therefore, did not make great hunting pals. The fact some Kakos had found a way to get around the possessiveness and share was a frightening thought.

Racine stood and walked over to the small side bar the library housed. He poured himself a drink, offering one to them. Kiernan accepted. She declined.

At the moment, he has three followers. That we know of. Racine handed Kiernan a drink and leaned against the front of his desk. He took a healthy sip before continuing. Alec and Brone, brothers from Alaska. And Shanna from New Orleans. All three are very young. Not one of them over two hundred.

Two hundred years was nothing when you lived an eon, the average lifespan of a Daemon.

Any idea as to how Stryden got these three to follow him?

Racine finished his drink before replying. No solid information so far, but we have a few leads. His dark gaze darted from her to Kiernan. That’s where you two come in.

Time to take down the baddies. She straightened, noticing from the corner of her eye Kiernan did as well. Duty time. They were ready for whatever their leader handed out. The council chose their Enforcers carefully. All considered it a privilege to serve as an Enforcer, and each member of the team performed his or her job with pride. Even Kiernan, with his laid-back attitude, got down to business when called for action.

I need you two to dig up everything you can on this group. Ask around, find them, follow them, figure out what they’re up to. Racine paused, glancing down at his empty glass, a scowl darkening his expression. And how we can stop them.

Sure thing, boss.

Though she agreed with Kiernan’s sentiment, she still wondered why the two of them were teamed up. They had never worked together before, and her animosity for the Euadaemon was no secret around headquarters. Not one to stay silent, she voiced her query.

Any reason you picked us specifically?

The Euadaemon leader arched an eyebrow. You have a problem with your assignment, Tabitha?

I think she has more of a problem with her partner than the assignment. Kiernan chuckled from his seat. Right, Tabby Cat?

Her jaw clenched back a retort. She did not want to go off on this man in front of Racine. He was not only her boss, but also a father figure. Lord knew her father had no intention of fulfilling his role. Silently, she congratulated herself for restraining from knocking Kiernan upside the head and instead addressed her boss.

No problem. Just wondering if there were specific reasons we were the right team for the job.

He inclined his head. Actually, there are.

Walking back to the sidebar, he poured another drink. It must be serious; she had never seen the council head have more than one drink during a meeting.

Stryden and his followers have been working the club goers and homeless downtown. Tabitha, you are the best we have at recon, and since you live in the heart of the city, you know it better than anyone.

Her head tipped in agreement. Truth. Her apartment sat in the middle of downtown Denver. She lived there for almost ten years now. She knew the city like the back of her hand.

And Kiernan? She knew her voice sounded a bit hostile, but she couldn’t help herself. The Daemon just rubbed her the wrong way.

Racine’s gaze darted to Kiernan and back. He’s your protection.

Kiernan choked on a laugh. Oh, he would think it funny. She found nothing humorous about this. White-hot flames of rage burned deep inside her chest. He thought she needed protection? A babysitter for the weak little female human, was that it? Hadn’t she proved over the years she could hold her own? The lack of confidence stung.

My what?

Tabitha… Racine’s voice held a note of warning, but she was too far gone to notice.

My protection? What the hell? She felt her body seething with anger. I have been an Enforcer for ten years, Racine. I don’t need any freaking protection, especially from some lazy, self-absorbed ass who thinks the world revolves around him!

Said self-absorbed ass scoffed. Don’t hold back, tell us what you really think of me, Tabby Cat.

She wheeled on him, eyes blazing. Stop calling me that!

Tabitha Culver, that is enough, Racine bellowed. The glasses on the side bar rattled. He was really good at bellowing.

She held her tongue, turning to face her boss and mentor. Racine was a fair man—Daemon to be completely accurate—but when he raised his voice everyone listened. He had a darker side she had heard of and never wanted to see.

Racine’s anger quickly faded. His face softened. I realize how long you have been with us, Tabitha, and do not misunderstand: I have no doubts in your ability as an Enforcer. But in this situation, it is four against one. Four very powerful Kakodaemons against one very strong, but vulnerable human. I do not want to lose one of my best Enforcers. Kiernan is there to help you, not babysit.

Swallowing her anger, and shame, she nodded in acceptance. Racine was right. She needed someone to back her up, dealing with multiple Kakos. Any Enforcer would. It just irked her it had to be Kiernan. Even now, the Daemon sat there with a shit-eating grin on his face. He enjoyed her frustration.

Well, he better enjoy it while he could. Two could play this game. She knew just as well as he did how to piss someone off, and if anyone deserved a little of what he gave, Kiernan did.

Chapter 3

Kiernan enjoyed the angry flush creeping up Tabitha’s face. He didn’t really know why he enjoyed torturing her so much. Maybe because she was so uptight. He liked trying to make her lose her cool, act like the human she was. Or maybe he enjoyed teasing her because she was incredibly sexy when she got angry.

Probably a bit of both.

He had no idea Racine planned to assign him to work

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