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Angular Essentials


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Angular Essentials

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From the initial structuring to deployment, Angular Essentials provides step-by-step guidance to Angular, Google’s for building applications for both Web and Mobile platforms.

This free eBook from Infragistics begins by teaching you the basics of TypeScript, ES6 concepts, Angular 2 architecture, and details about the working environment you need to start building Angular 2 components. You’ll dive into Components, Directives, Routing, and Services, as well as techniques like Data Binding and Data Transformation. Finally, you’ll learn advanced Angular 2 skills for testing, debugging, deployment, and security.

In this book, you'll:
Learn the different features of components, and how to apply custom templates and styles
Explore the built-in directives of Angular
Discover how data and events can be bound in Angular 2 applications
Use data-driven and template forms in Angular
Format data using built-in pipes and by creating custom pipes
Add multiple views, send parameters and sub-views in Angular applications
Test Components, Services, HTTP calls and forms
Debug Angular applications and bundle them with webpack
Implement authentication in Angular apps and make secured calls to APIs

As a bonus, this Special Edition of Angular Essentials comes with guided learning chapters for Ignite UI.

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