We Are All Black: A Treatise on Racism: Humanism Series


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We Are All Black: A Treatise on Racism: Humanism Series

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“If origin defines race, then we are all Africans – we are all black. No matter how fascinatingly white one’s skin is, or how classy one’s accent of English is, the fact remains, the whole of humanity comes from the land of Africa. It is the cradle of our species.”

In this scientific literature, the celebrated Scientist Abhijit Naskar makes a humanitarian attempt with his sharp insight of the molecular realm of the mind, to unite all of humanity with the thread of biological oneness. This is a treatise of biological sciences that makes humanism triumph over the primordial evil of racial discrimination.

In “We Are All Black” Naskar makes us delve deep into the neural domain of the human mind, to recognize the innate biological seeds of Racism, and empowers us to make more effective and conscientious efforts to terminate this primitive evil from the human society. We emerge from this spell-binding odyssey of science and philosophy with one sole conviction, that we are all humans coming from Africa.

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