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The Healing of Humanity


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The Healing of Humanity

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There is a shift taking place in the world today as many souls are seeking release from far too long a time spent in obscurity and ignorance. Is there more to be experienced, we ask? What is the meaning of existence? How is the healing of humanity even possible in this time of confusion and chaos? A Course in Miracles has provided answers to these and many more questions. Although this is the fifth book in which the author shares her journey with the teachings of A Course in Miracles, it is not necessary to have read the previous four books, nor even be familiar with the Course to appreciate its message. If this book has called to you and you wish to skip over the first four in the series, by all means, jump right in. Nowhere does it say that everyone must get on the train at the same station; you get on the train at the stop nearest you. Only the destination—awakening—is the same for everyone.

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