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Pecan Pies & Alibis: Rosewood Place Mysteries, #4


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Pecan Pies & Alibis: Rosewood Place Mysteries, #4

Länge: 67 Seiten1 Stunde


When Bessie Purdy enters the County Fair's 'Perfect Pie' contest, she's sure that she'll win. But when the bank manager judging the contest drops dead after the competition, it soon becomes clear that something sinister is afoot. 

Bessie isn't satisfied to let the police handle the death. She's convinced that the unbearable man was murdered, but with only a hunch and a penchant for justice (and funnel cakes), she just can't rest until the murderer is found.

What was meant to be a fun day at the fair soon turns into a day of sleuthing, snacking, and solving a murder, but Bessie's not worried. With the help of her grandson, Devon, his reliable dog, Karma, and her beau, Emmett, the savvy seventy-something is determined to solve the case and save the day. But first, she really must find out what happened to her pie...

***This is a short novella of around 15,000 words, not a full-length novel!***This fun, short mystery is the perfect standalone story or accompaniment to the Rosewood Place Mystery Series.

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