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Joaquin's Saving Grace: Alien Mate's, #5

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Grace was trying to escape a curse that she knew she would die from when she met Joaquin. She would destroy the world around her when she turned thirty she had a day to go

He was everything she ever dreamed of, but it was too late for him and her. 

Joaquin knew his body was deteriorating a hybrid like him was never expected to live. The best thing he could do was disappear leaving the others behind so that they would never know his secret.

That's when he met Grace. They were going to implode, or self-destruct. Togther they chose to implode hurting no one except themselves.

They were caught between worlds, and the only chance they had was the mate trial. Too bad, The Trial hated them and wanted them dead.

Their only option was to forever live in the trial. Somethings are worth the chance of loving forever.

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