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No Laughing Matter

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A country vineyard is tainted by murder in this “absorbing” English police procedural starring Detective Inspector Thanet (Publishers Weekly).

Sturrenden Vineyard is a few miles west of town, a lovely piece of land where tourists come to sip wine, tour the grounds, and enjoy the exquisite Kentish scenery. But Det. Inspector Luke Thanet is too busy for such frivolous activities, so his first visit comes with the introduction of a an attraction far more in keeping with his usual interests: murder.
Vineyard owner Zak Randish has been found dead in his personal laboratory, where he’d been working late into the night to perfect the next vintage. His equipment is smashed and his blood stains every surface, mingling with the wine. Although outwardly happy, successful, and at peace, Randish had terrible secrets, and Thanet must uncover them soon, lest the vineyard’s tidy rows of grapes run red with blood as red as Sturrenden wine.
Perfect for fans of P. D. James or Midsomer Murders, No Laughing Matter is another sterling entry in Dorothy Simpson’s long-running, award-winning mystery series.
No Laughing Matter is the 12th book in the Inspector Thanet Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

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