Are Creative People Different? Yes and This is Why


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Are Creative People Different? Yes and This is Why

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A Series of Short Stories and Research about people who are creative, Painters, Writers, Inventors, Entrepreneur, Statesmen around the World, or just about anyone who Creates Things with their Minds.
This is Writings and Research about; how they are able to do things, while others cannot. Why they might seem different to others.
Where their inspiration comes from.
Why important things to others are not important to them.
Why they have the attitude of, they know, they know, they are right.
Maybe this will open the readers understanding about someone they know, a Writer, Painter, Actor, Musician, or someone who is just really Creative.
The stories might help some who is creative to understand why they do things or how they do them.
Maybe, just maybe. The reader will be introduced to a new way of looking at the world around them and the World they are in.
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