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Jihad Warrior


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Jihad Warrior

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Jihad Warrior is a rich and thrilling adventure that sweeps the reader from the backwoods of North America to the sophistication of Beirut, the deserts of Asia and the might of the USA.

The story centers on John Gordon, the son of a Canadian father and a Lebanese mother. John is brought up in Beirut, Lebanon as a Muslim but spent summers in the Muskoka area of Ontario. John and his friend Rafi Adra are inseparable friends in their boyhood years, and are caught up in the turmoil of civil war in Lebanon and rising Muslim extremism that sets them on opposing sides.

John and his father leave Lebanon for Canada for good after John’s mother is killed because of the rising sectarian violence in Beirut.

In his adult years John is recruited by the US government to help thwart a terrorist attack on the United States and learns that the head of the terrorist, in this threatened attack, is his boyhood friend.

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