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A Second Chance at Love 2: When It Rains It Pours

A Second Chance at Love 2: When It Rains It Pours

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A Second Chance at Love 2: When It Rains It Pours

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Jul 3, 2017


Vanessa and Anthony have fought their feelings for too long. Giving in to those feelings couldn't have come at a more difficult time. With Anthony open and ready to start a future, he goes back to South Carolina to tie up some lose ends. Just as Vanessa is getting her life back with the help of her newfound love for Anthony, her strength becomes tested. Will she be able to withstand and hold on to the love that Anthony showers her with? Find out in this riveting novel where love is the only umbrella at can weather any storm. Cause when it rains it pours.

Jul 3, 2017

Über den Autor

PAMELA WRIGHT was born and raised in Dothan, Alabama where she is currently raising her two children. She is the oldest of four siblings. As a young girl she enjoyed reading books of all genres. She accredits her Aunt Joann for her love of writing. As a young girl she used to see her Aunt writing in five subject notebooks. It wasn’t until she was in the seventh grade when she won a short story essay that she began to write. Over the years she has written many tales she will share in the years to come. She contributes her family’s support and encouragement as the reason she had the strength to pursue her dreams. She is a certified CNA, and an Early Childhood Education Professional with an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. Pamela released her first novel A Second Chance at Love in 2014 and it quickly hit the Bestseller List in its genre on Amazon Kindle with over 3,000 downloads within three days. She is currently promoting A Second Chance at Love and working on A Second Chance at Love 2 along with other titles.

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A Second Chance at Love 2 - Pamela Wright



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Anthony and Vanessa were up early cooking breakfast when the girls ran downstairs. Today was the day they would make the long drive to Charleston, South Carolina, for the Thanksgiving holiday. It would be Vanessa’s first time leaving Alabama since Joseph’s and the kids death. She was excited and nervous all at the same time.

I can’t wait to see everybody! Jordan exclaimed as she went running past her father. More like her mother Gloria in character than her sisters Kennedy and Madison, Jordan was very easily excited. But when she got a narrow-eyed warning from her father Anthony, she knew it was time to slow it down.

Me too. I really can’t wait to see granny, Kennedy interjected quickly while sitting at the table. I have so much stuff to tell her.

Make sure you girls drink plenty of milk, Vanessa informed them as she sat their plates in front of them.

Ms. Vanessa, are you excited about the trip? Madison asked.

Yes I am. I’ve never been to South Carolina. Your father says it’s very nice there.

It is, Jordan said, beaming.

Anthony’s phone rings, he answers it. Monica, good morning. How are you?

Good morning Tony. I am doing wonderful. I wanted to say that I’m praying for you guys to have a safe trip home and back.

Thank you very much Monica. I’m sure we will.

Happy holidays Tony.

Same to you. I’ll talk to you later, good bye.

Anthony joined Vanessa and the girls at the table. I guess you ladies are ready? Anthony asked as he looked at the girls.

Yes sir, Kennedy answered for them.

After breakfast the girls washed the dishes. Anthony and Vanessa did a last-minute sweep of the house, making sure they hadn’t forgotten anything. On their way out the door Vanessa’s cell phone rang, it was her mother Alice. Hello mother.

Good morning. How’s everyone feeling over there? Alice asked.

We’re all fine mother.

I’m glad to hear that. Did you get a good night’s rest?

Yes ma’am I did, I slept like a baby.

Who’s driving?

Tony is driving.

Did he get a good night’s rest? Alice’s voice oozed with mock concern.

I don’t know mother. I’m sure he did, Vanessa assured with a composed eye roll. Mother I don’t want to appear rude, but we’re all about to pull out, is there anything you wanted?

I just want you all to be safe. You know there are a lot of fools out on the road this time of year with everyone in a rush to see family and friends. Just be careful.

Mother, you don’t have to worry about that. Tony is a superb driver. Vanessa looked at Anthony and winked as he walked out the door.

I’m sure he is, her mother dryly agreed. It never hurts to be extra cautious. I’m not going to keep you baby. I know you have a long ride ahead of you. Call me when you’ve made it there so your father can stop worrying about you.

Yes ma’am.

Make sure you call on Thanksgiving Day as well.

They’re waiting on me. Don’t worry mother, we’re going to be fine, Vanessa said hurriedly before hanging up the phone and rushing to join everyone in the car.


The drive to South Carolina was long and tiring. It seemed like every time there was a rest stop Anthony was pulling in for one of the girls to use the bathroom. For the past hour or so the drive had been uninterrupted. Vanessa looked in the backseat and saw that the girls were fast asleep. Even though it was a long drive, it was still proving to be a nice drive as well. Getting out of the house and traveling was something she only dreamed she’d be doing. Now here she was, miles away from home, a home that held so many memories of love and lost. She made a vow to leave everything in Alabama and let her hair down in South Carolina.

How are things with Monica?

Monica and I are friends.

Oh, I thought you two were a couple. I mean, at the hospital when you hurt yourself she gave the impression that you two were a little more than friends.

We’re just friends.

Vanessa was curious about the nature of their relationship. She asked him and he said that he and she were friends. It made sense to her; she sat next to him instead of Monica. She started bobbing her head to the music playing on the radio.

Thank you for inviting me to spend the holidays with you and your family, she said.

It’s the least I can do. Anthony reached for Vanessa’s hand. He gave it a gentle squeeze then began to caress it with his thumb. You’ve shown me and my girls more compassion than anyone we’ve met.

I’m a little nervous about meeting your family, she confessed.

Don’t be, he reassured. They’re going to love you.

I hope so.

Anthony smiled at Vanessa’s nervousness. He adored the way she twirled her hair between her fingers when she was worried and the way her eyes lit up when she was excited. With all the pain she had been through, she still had enough love to show him and his girls.

Anthony was falling for Vanessa. He wanted to replace all her hurt with love. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but he knew he was the man for the job.

Chapter One

Karen and the kids were in the middle of dusting when Barbara walked in. The house was usually very well kept, but Anthony was bringing a houseguest so she particularly wanted the place to be especially clean.

Everything looks good, sis. Barbara said, laying her purse on the table.

Thank you. The kids and I have worked our butts off. I thought you were going to help me? Karen asked with arched brows. Where have you been?

I had some last minute things to handle. Have you heard from Tony?

He called this morning and said they were on their way.

Barbara abruptly gave Karen a side eye. They? She couldn’t possibly be talking about Vanessa too, although it would be nice to meet the woman who has occupied her brother’s time to the point where he had been unreachable for months. What kind of woman allows strangers to move into her home? A Jezebel, that’s who.

So, she is coming? Barbara asked with a hint of resentment.

I would assume so since I told him he could bring her. Vanessa has been an enormous influence on him. Think about it, he celebrated his birthday and we both know what a chore that can be when it comes to getting him involve in that day.

I know, right, Barbara agreed. She could remember times after Gloria’s death when Anthony wouldn’t have dreamed of another woman. If it wasn’t Grey Goose or Paul Masson keeping his attention, he was drowning himself in work. This Vanessa must be an angel. But aren’t you just a little bit curious? she asked.

Karen laughed. Barbara could be overprotective at times. Who could blame her? She was the oldest of all her siblings. When their mother died, Barbara felt a great deal of responsibility to make sure everyone continued doing what they knew they should.

No, I’m not curious, Karen said, putting away her feather duster. They’re just friends. Besides, I’m so ready to see my nieces. He could have said he was bringing the Pope and I wouldn’t mind, just let me see my girls. I bet they have grown so much since the last time we saw them.

Just then the women heard a car door slam. Karen ran to the bathroom to get one last look in the full-length mirror hanging from the back on the bathroom door.

Barbara moved swiftly to the window. She pulled a couple of blinds apart so she could peek outside. Peering through the blinds, she saw Gloria’s mother Mrs. Reese heading toward the door.

Where did she come from, Barbara complained, looking over her shoulder with a nudge.

Karen ran to the window. She was the one who had invited her over to welcome Anthony and the girls home. That was before she knew about Vanessa. They both knew Mrs. Reese and Anthony had bumped heads over the years. She hadn’t been fond of her brother since Gloria’s death and only tolerated him because of the girls. Karen always felt that the woman was the reason Anthony stayed away so long. If she had told him Gloria’s mother was going to be here, he probably would have never agreed to come home.

I take it you haven’t told Tony about Mrs. Reese coming over for Thanksgiving? Barbara asked her sister, oozing accusation.

Not in so many words.

Karen, when were you going to tell him? It will not be a good thing if the two of them go at each other’s throats, Barbara warned, picking up an angel from the decorations and placing it on the Christmas tree. Looking at the tree Barbara remembered how some traditions get passed on. Her mother would always put their Christmas tree up the day before Thanksgiving.

I remembered what happened the last time, Karen said, thinking back to a drunk, staggering Anthony and an angry Mrs. Reese waving a stick and threatening to bust Anthony upside his head to the white meat if he took those girls across state lines. As soon as Anthony got sober that was exactly what he did, and she has hated him ever since. For a sixty-something year old woman she got around good. I’m going to take care of it, I promise.

You better. We don’t want his first time home in years to be his last.

Karen opened the door for her guest and let her in. She ushered Mrs. Reese toward the sofa before excusing herself to use her cell phone. Be nice, she uttered between clenched teeth as she hurried passed Barbara. Barbara gave her a smug grin then prepared to entertain their guest.


Karen hoped their father, Samuel Harvey, would have been here by now. Surely Mrs. Reese wasn’t going to beat him at seeing his son. Everyone called Samuel Harvey ‘Senior’ because he named his oldest son, Anthony’s brother, after him.

She picked her cell phone up off the kitchen counter and dialed her father’s number. After several rings he answered.

Daddy, are you busy? she asked.

I’m on my way to meet Cassandra for lunch.

No daddy, Karen whined. I thought you would be here before Tony and the girls got here. They should be here in a couple of hours. Please tell me you are still coming?

I’m afraid not. Cassandra and I are at the nursing home in Atlanta visiting her parents, her father explained.

Karen let out a deep sigh. You’re going to be here tomorrow for Thanksgiving, won’t you?

Of course. We’re going to have Thanksgiving with her parents today, drive home tonight and be at your house tomorrow in time for Thanksgiving dinner, Samuel said, mapping out his plans.

Good, daddy, Karen said as she let out a low sigh of relief. You and Ms. Cassandra have a safe trip.

Thanksgiving without her father and stepmother wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving at all, especially if she had to babysit Mrs. Scrooge. If it weren’t for Anthony coming with the girls Mrs. Reese would’ve been with her own family. These past Thanksgivings have been great, but this year was going to be spectacular. She vowed not to let Mrs. Reese beat up on her brother. Just as she entered the living room her cell phone rang. It was Anthony.

Hello baby brother, Karen answered with excitement.

Karen, we’re going to be a little late. We had a sort of scare on the road, but everyone is fine, Anthony assured her.

Oh my God, are you sure everyone is okay? Karen asked in a panic, which sent Barbara running to her side. She put the phone on speaker as Anthony continued to explain the events of what happened.

Just be careful, baby brother! Barbara yelled out. And get here in one piece. You have people waiting to see you and the girls.

I will, Anthony promised.

Hell wasn’t hotter than the fire that sat in Mrs. Reese’s eyes after listening to their conversation. She was furious. Barbara knew it was only a matter of time.

Chapter Two

Anthony pulled up in front of Karen’s house a little after three o’clock. He was still shaken by the event from earlier but he tried not to show it. He glanced at Vanessa. My God, she’s beautiful, he thought. Looking at her for some reason put him at ease.

The girls were so excited to see everyone standing outside. They’re waiting for us! Madison squealed with delight. The girls unbuckled their seatbelts and jumped out of the car.

They’re in a hurry, Vanessa said, smiling as she shook her head. She could remember how anxious her own children had been whenever she and Joe would visit family members, or go on vacation. No matter how tired she and her husband were the kids always seem to have tons of energy.

The touch of Anthony’s hand brought her out of her thoughts. He gave her his wide smile that always made her weak. She turned towards the window so he couldn’t see her blush.

Looking pass her, he stared at the small crowd that had formed in the yard. Wow, he said with amusement. You would think I was fresh out the joint.

Anthony took a deep breath and rubbed his head. Being the gentleman he was, he went around to the other side of the car to open Vanessa’s door. She stepped out of the car and reached for his hand. Feeling it trembling, she could tell he was just as nervous.

Are you okay?

I’m fine, he said, laughing it off.

Don’t look so worried, Vanessa said. Everything’s going to be okay. We’re going to have a wonderful time.

If only he believed that as much as she did. Being back in South Carolina made him feel uneasy. Charleston held so many bad memories for him. Memories of a loud, obnoxious, drunken man unable to see past his own hurt and pain, who in the end brought more pain to the ones he loved most. Anthony pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind. Reaching in the backseat of the car he grabbed everyone’s jackets, then he and Vanessa headed toward the house.

Karen was the first to greet them. It’s so good to have you both here, she said with enthusiasm before running into her baby brother’s arms and squeezing him tightly. A part of her wanted to choke the life out of him for staying away so long. He knew she didn’t do well in stressful situations, and he had her so stressed out she couldn’t eat she was so worried about his safety. All they had were each other.

I know your road trip couldn’t have been fun. Especially after that little incident you mentioned earlier. Are you sure you’re okay? Barbara asked.

We’re fine, Anthony assured them.

You must be Vanessa? Barbara asked as she made her way to the quite attractive woman and extended her hand. Are you hungry? she asked, staring at her.

We’re starving, Kennedy answered, approaching Barbara for a hug.

Go into the kitchen and fix yourself something to eat, Karen said.

Karen watched as Kennedy and her sisters ran toward the kitchen giggling. She was so happy to see them. They were more beautiful than she remembered. Especially Kennedy, she was the mirror image of Gloria. Madison wasn’t a baby anymore. She had grown up and was now in the school. She had such a bouncy spirit. She couldn’t get over how much Jordan looked like Anthony. In many ways she was like Gloria. But she was still her father’s twin. Karen saw her baby brother in Jordan and her heart was indeed warmed.

Wow, they sure have grown, Karen said as tears filled her eyes. She looked Anthony up and down, stepping back to get a good look at her baby brother. You look good. She turned her attention towards Vanessa. I hear you’re the reason for this speedy recovery.

I don’t think so. Vanessa smiled. He worked very hard to get himself off those crutches.

Where’re dad and Junior? Anthony asked.

I think Junior is working. Dad and Cassandra went to Atlanta to visit her parents, Karen replied. They told me to tell you that they’re sorry they couldn’t be here today when you arrived. They’re definitely going to be here tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

Secretly Anthony was relieved his father wasn’t going to be around. The last impression his father had of him was of disappointment and shame. He wasn’t ready to face him just yet.

Vanessa’s phone began to ring. She took it from her pocket and looked at it. Momma the screen read. Excuse me. I need to answer this, Vanessa said, excusing herself from the conversation. She opened the door and slid quietly outside. Hey mom.

Hey baby, how’s it going?

I don’t know yet. We just got here, literally.

I just called because your father is having a fit wondering if you made it there safely or not.

She’s lying pumpkin, Vanessa heard her father yell through the phone.

I’m okay, she said as she laughed to herself. She almost began to miss them. I’ll call you later with a full report, I promise. I love you. Now bye, mom, she said before hanging up the phone.

What did your mom want?

Vanessa turned to see Anthony standing behind her. She wanted to make sure we made it safely.

Can you blame her for worrying? You are her baby, Anthony remarked as he opened the door.

No, I don’t, Vanessa responded.

Do you feel up to meeting a couple more people?

Lead the way, she said, taking his hand.

Upon entering the living room Anthony was met with a gaze. A piercing gaze that cut deep into his soul. It was Mrs. Reese.

Vanessa felt the tightness from the grip of Anthony’s hand. She wasn’t sure who the woman was, but she knew it had him unsettled.

Daddy, Jordan yelled with joy. Grandma’s here.

Anthony stared at his girls who were wrapped up in Mrs. Reese’s arms. She was holding on to them for dear life. He knew instantly this trip wasn’t going to go as smoothly as planned. His father became the least of his worries.

Mrs. Reese, Anthony started, but was cut off with a hard grunt as she cleared her throat, eyes sinister and dark. He let out a long sigh.

Mrs. Reese gave the girls a long hard kiss. She instructed them to go play with the other children while she and their dad play catch up.

As the girls headed upstairs to join the rest of the children, Madison stopped to give Vanessa a hug. She placed her hand over her heart and mimicked turning a key. Locked with love, Madison said, beaming.

Lots and lots of love, Vanessa said as she watched Madison run off.

Vanessa smiled at the bubbly bouncing child who skipped out of the door. Once

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