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The Pure

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Buckle up... there's a new Bourne in town. The time is now. The place is London. Meet Uzi, a disaffected, deadly ex-Mossad agent with revenge on his mind. When he gives details of a top-secret Israeli assassination operation to WikiLeaks, he makes himself a sworn enemy of the Mossad. But a mysterious, sexy woman known as Liberty is becoming strangely interested in him. Meanwhile, Iran is getting ever closer to building a nuclear weapon . . . What follows threatens to change the power balance of the Middle East and endanger the security of the world. The Pure is a high-octane, action-packed, adrenaline-pumping espionage thriller. Read it. Now. Praise for the author's The English German Girl: 'Absolutely compelling' The Guardian 'Well-researched and very moving' The Times 'Rings with such authenticity . . . his research is formidable' The Melbourne Age

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