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Queen Mean: Strawberry Falls, #3

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Beckie Clark knew winning state in cheerleading was a big deal to her and the other squad members. Little did she know the small town of Strawberry Fields, Ohio felt the same way. The sudden royal treatment catches her off guard, leaving her to wonder what has gotten into everyone.

Then Grandma throws Beckie a curve by hiring the new guy, Andrew Macom, to help around the house. Guilt stricken, Beckie makes an effort to be home more, giving her a chance to develop feelings for Andrew. Feelings she’ll never own because of a lack of judgment during a summer party.

Swearing off guys hasn’t been easy—between Andrew and Kurt Sanders, the one guy all her friends want her to be with. When she finally allows herself to go on a date, the worst happens. Her grandmother falls, landing in the hospital in a coma.

The town’s special treatment pulls into full force, conflicting Beckie. She doesn’t want the attention, and guilt weighs on her again.

Andrew never leaves Beckie or her grandmother’s side, being the constant strong shoulder she needs. Will her grandmother recover? And will Beckie open herself up to love, or will the royal treatment from everyone leave her as the cold-hearted Queen Mean?

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