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Feather Your Tingaling

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This collection of short stories from the Caribbean and England brings to life characters who are part of Caribbean folklore. Some serious, others delightfully humorous, the characters will remain with the reader for a long time. This book is essential reading for those interested in Caribbean folklore and history.

Who is the ‘brown-skin’ girl, and why does her ‘sailor man’ advise her to stay home and mind baby? Why is eighteen-year-old Helen Wiley’s mother concerned when her daughter is late? After spending a night with Basil Lincoln, why does Lorna Toney feel lucky? When he finds thousands of dollars in a trunk in the mountain, why does Lionel burn the money? As a founding member of The Circuit, an organisation that meets every Saturday night in a small town to the west of London, Cunningham is shocked when new members suggest enlivening proceedings with a stripper. On the way home after school sixteen-year old Caroline Chatoyer bumps into Raymond Pilgrim singing a lewd song at the top of his voice. They meet again at the district sports, become friends, Raymond suggests that she applies to join the prestigious Telfer Grammar School. Is Caroline brave enough, or good enough for Telfer? And finally, when fifteen-year old Melanie loses her aunt’s cutlery in the river, why does her aunt’s boyfriend suggest that she goes and ‘feather her tingaling?’

The stories give a fresh insight into Caribbean life at home and abroad. Even those familiar with Caribbean literature and folklore will find something new and surprising here. The stories are modern and draw on the eclectic mix that define the West Indies.

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