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Jinn Series Short Story Compilation Featuring The Jinn: Jinn Series

352 pages4 hours


The Jinn Series, 
Read the HOT new series of short stories based on the Jinn. Each story is a tale of interaction between the Jinn and humankind. Jinn are also known as Genies, Djinn, Demons and Devils.

The Seance - A story of lost love and a widows grief.
The Crush - A paranormal romance.
Magician’s Assistant - A magician’s quest to be the best at any price.
Devil’s Daughter - A girl is born into the wrong family searches to discover where she belongs.
Confessions of a Witch - Based on a true story of a muti killing.
The Egyptologist - A Jinni captured by a human.
Possessing Asya - A story of revenge and human possession.

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