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The Solar System's rejects are their only hope.

Labeled a Deviant, Antoinette is human refuse in a society full of perfectly happy citizens. Banished to the Solar System's most isolated asylum, she unwittingly furthers the Rebellions plans and becomes a pawn in their game.

But Antoinette's liaison with the rebel leader Maya and her contact with the alien "Greys" has the Rebellion refusing to play. 

Bound to act, rejected by husband, lover, society, and Rebellion alike, Antoinette has to find the strength in her ostracism to prevent one faction or the other from destroying their world…or subjugation of the whole Solar System by alien masters.

"Tense, gritty, funny, sexy, this is the science fiction novel you didn't know you were missing." -S.C. Jensen, author "The Timekeeper's War"

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