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The Healing Magic of Cannabis


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The Healing Magic of Cannabis

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The Healing Magic of Cannabis unveils the secret at the heart of marijuana's medicinal power. Getting high engages the healing power of the mind, furthering healing, vitality, and recovery.

The Healing High:
FEELS GOOD, promoting wellness.

RELAXES YOU, dissolving worry and restoring equilibrium.

MAKES YOU LAUGH, refreshing perspective and cleansing emotions.

UPLIFTS YOUR MOOD to see the possibility of healing.

INSPIRES FAITH that you are moving towards healing.

The Healing Magic of Cannabis describes how to use cannabis, including preparation and hazards of smoking, along with recipes. Also covered are methods for making tinctures and topical applications, including the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Healing Magic of Cannabis explains how cannabis alleviates pain, soothes discomfort, and can interfere with the biological progression of certain diseases. It provides clear information on cannabis' use for fifteen medical conditions and common ailments from menstrual cramps, back pain, arthritis, and insomnia to epilepsy, AIDS, and withdrawal from addictive drugs.
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