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How To Run For Local Office: 10 Steps To Run a Successful Campaign For Local Office


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How To Run For Local Office: 10 Steps To Run a Successful Campaign For Local Office

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About the Expert:
Michael Cole has been actively engaged in the local political arena both in the foreground and behind the scenes in South East Texas for over twenty years. Familiar with all level of running for government from local elections to state and federal elections, Mr. Cole has been a candidate for office 4 times and helped over 100 local candidates run for and win their elections. Born to a military family at Fort Lewis Army base, politics has been a passion of Mr. Cole since an early age. Mr. Cole first ran for office in 1994 and has been at it since. Holding various local positions, he brings his expertise and passion to every campaign he signs on to.

Book Description:
In the book "How To Run For Local Office", you will learn insider tricks from twenty plus year political veteran, Michael Cole. He brings to you step by step instructions on how to look with a critical eye of the expert in planning, launching and executing a successful bid for local office.

As Michael says in his book, elected office is for everyone that has a passion for public service, the secrets on how to run should not be hidden away for a few insiders, but for anyone with the drive and determination to do it.
Patriots can learn what it takes so lead, just like any other task.

In this book Michael touches on:
- How to decide if running is right for you
- A rundown of legal issues
- Were to raise your money
- How to effectively spend that money
- How to organize an effective social media campaign
- How to best use volunteers
- How to put out your message
- And much more!

This is the time for concerned citizens to step forward and take control of their local governments. Our nation is failing because as ordinary citizens we are either not involved, or do not know how to be involved. Winning Against All Odds will give you that know-how on being involved.

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