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Fear on The Mountain

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Sheriff Ungher stood in the cold and snow behind his patrol car, loading his weapon, and wondering how he would stop the slaughter he knew was about to come.
Patrol cars were already there and more were arriving from the next county over, and he knew he had lost control. To add to it all, down the road, another vehicle was approaching, one that he did not expect. It was the remainder of the Brewer family.

A call had come into the Sheriff’s office earlier that morning; a frantic one. It was a call from Old Jake, and it’s not like Jake to get frantic over much of anything. There was a patrol car not too far away. They were out checking the roads; clearing the evening’s accidents and rescuing stranded motorists from the freeze when a deputy was sent to check it out.

It was when the Deputy called back in and reported what he saw that sent Sheriff Ungher flying out the door with a call for everyone to pull back. But for miles around and even over into the next county they came. All were expecting the worst; expecting more of the same.

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