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Quantum Sorcery Basics Theory and Practice

Quantum Sorcery Basics Theory and Practice

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Quantum Sorcery Basics Theory and Practice

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Sep 24, 2015


You can master your world with magick!!

Even if you have no interest in religion or sorcery, this book can still help you to achieve your dreams. Magick is not something that is done. It is an Aspect of the World we live in.

We live in a world that is dominated and maintained by quantum mechanics. You create the world around you. You can create the world you want!

This book can show you the path to Mastery! Quantum mechanics shapes the world around you. Your mind continually uses the laws of probability to bring you the world you expect.

Wake up!

Become the Quantum Sorcerer!

Grab a copy of Quantum Sorcery Basics today, and learn how!

Sep 24, 2015

Über den Autor

Magus was born in the midst of a thunderstorm, and has enjoyed the comforting sound of rolling thunder ever since. Having inherited a prescient nature, Magus spent his childhood studying history and occult subjects, and had a keen interest in the esoteric areas of the physics of relativity and quantum mechanics. Throughout his life, Magus has experienced phenomena that seemed to support the idea of our living in a much more complex and malleable universe than the average person wishes to believe. Over time, he came to believe that most of the events that fill our lives are closely aligned with the laws of quantum mechanics. The years of his life as brought with them the realization that our world is filled with magic and miracles. It is the kind of magic and miracles which comes from the true quantum nature of the world we live in.

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Quantum Sorcery Basics Theory and Practice - Magus Zeta




(Theory and Practice)

Magus Zeta


Digital Edition

Copyright © 2013 Magus Zeta


No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This eBook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you are reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

ISBN: 9781516321933


This book combines a particular scientific viewpoint of the nature of reality with an introductory level overview of Occult practices. It is expected that the student will research and explore the rituals and practices of other Occult schools, and choose the information which appeals to him or her to use in their own ritual activities.

As always, the Reader should engage in any of the suggested activities at their own risk. A self-examination of psychic and mental vulnerability is the responsibility of the Student and the advice of the Author.

The Author prides himself on not being politically correct. He does not wish to offend any readers, but amending normal language to avoid offending anyone, even the most sensitive, only serves to offend everyone. Besides, the best jokes are politically insensitive.















12 SORCERY 101










THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE in the universe is not gravity, or fusion, or the strong or weak nuclear forces. The most powerful force in the universe is the Observer. Every event that takes place in the universe has a quantum state. It has an infinite number of possible quantum states until the Observer does his looking thing. At that instant, all of the possible quantum states but one disappears, and suddenly the event is made real, at least in this universe.

Regardless of how static the power of Observation seems, without the Observer, our entire universe would be an unresolved mess of uncertain events, actions, and outcomes. Without the Observer, would our planet itself be real, or would it be a nexus of uncertain probabilities? The Observer, whether He is conscious or unconscious of his power, is the source of the greatest magic and the greatest Art that is possible in our universe. He is the Quantum Sorcerer.

Endless evidence has accumulated over the years as to exactly what happens when the Observer resolves the quantum state of the event. The facts that have emerged from the Hydra of quantum mechanics tells a strange tale, a tale of infinite universes and parallel worlds, with every event a springboard for the birth of an infinite number of universes.

The position of the Observer in the world of quantum mechanics is relative. When he opens his peepers and 'sees' the true outcome of an event, the Observer is making it real for this world and this universe. Where do all of the other possible outcomes go? Evidence from many experiments such as the multi-slit experiment all but proves that the unobserved event produces multiple outcomes at once, all as 'real' as any other, and all are making an impact on the world to prove it.

Over the last couple of decades, it has become obvious that parallel realities to our own exist, and in each of these realities, which contain that same event, any one of the possible outcomes can be the 'real' one there. Once we accept the fact that all of these parallel realities exist, we can apply our vaunted talking ape powers of analysis to realize that there are, in fact, an infinite number of these alternate realities.

Once we work through the process, we discover that not only does an event in our reality throw off an infinite number of shadow worlds with slightly different outcomes, but also each of these worlds will have its own timeline. There will be future events that are not part of our timeline, and they will also cast infinite shadow worlds into the multiverse. We begin to understand that the nature of existence, as seen from a multi-universal perspective, is Chaos, defined as a Plenum vast beyond comprehension.

For centuries, we knew ourselves to be Observers of reality, but until recently, we never realized what a significant role the Observer has in reality. For centuries, we have filled that role, never realizing that we shared in the creation of our world.

Our world is the result of the creative powers of billions of sleeping Observers. Can you imagine what difference it would have made if all of those Observers had been aware of their creative power? An artist is an artist, even while asleep, but how much more beauty can he paint into his canvas awake?

We all build our worlds, but the Quantum Sorcerers are those who create the world while awake and aware. This book is a primer for the power of the Quantum Sorcerer, and will briefly discuss the forms of exercise of the power. The Initiate is expected to pick and choose ritual and symbology from the other traditions of Magicks as desired to supplement the essential but Spartan form taught in this book.

Using the techniques in this book as a launching pad, one can transfer the control of their world from the dreaming Undermind to the parts of their mind that truly wants something. This book can help the sleeper to awaken, and to become the Quantum Sorcerer they were meant to be!


IN THE BEGINNING, THE Universe was Void and without Form. It was not dark, nor was it light, for it contained neither photon nor mass; neither energy nor matter existed there. The Void was without form, for neither space, nor time, nor any dimension whatsoever existed there, there was no space for actions, nor any time to frame its limits. The entire universe was a point without volume, and that point existed in another universe.

In the middle of nothingness, suddenly a great ripping took place. In a place that did not exist, suddenly there was space and time, and there was a great unwinding of newborn space-time, and with the unwinding and expansion of space-time came the release of great energies, and there came a great light in all frequencies from every part of space-time. For a great time, there was the birth of our universe. The universe aged and grew huge, and when the universe grew old and cool, the span of our universe was vast, with expansion at many times the speed of light. The tiny fragments that space-time shed as it expanded cooked within the cooling oven that was our universe and those fragments fit together to become quarks, and then they fit together to build up all of the particles that now exist.

As the universe cooled, the universal laws that govern the nature of the universe formed, crystallizing out of the newly formed space-time that formed the universe. The energy was still released, but at a lesser rate, and the particles that were becoming mass, and forming atoms, were being created, but at a lesser rate, because space-time was still expanding and the tension in it was still released.

With these humble beginnings, our universe has nurtured the stars and galaxies, the worlds and the moons, and us. It has now existed for close to fourteen billion years since time began if our current count is accurate. I can hear you now, complaining that our story of the universal beginning is a story told starting in the middle. You are right. There is a beginning, but it cannot be told from within this universe, for before time, nothing happened. To tell this tale, we have to travel to another universe. Don't worry; we will leave breadcrumbs so that we can find our way back.

Once upon a time, there was another place, another world, another universe. In that universe, there were many large stars, and one of them was so large that it could barely withstand the power of its own gravity. It was so large that matter itself almost was crushed down into something else by gravity. One day, a moon got sucked into the star. When this happened, the star's gravity grew more. At this point, matter could no longer withstand the force of the star's gravity, and the star collapsed from a radius of several million miles into a radius of a few miles. Now we can see into the star only to the place where the escape velocity is equal to the speed of the light we use to see it. We cannot see any further because the light beyond this point never gets out of the star.

The star has now become a black hole. I know that the story I told about how it got that way leaves out a lot, and it is not strictly speaking the true story of a black hole, but it gives you the essence of the story without bogging you down with the science and the details. The chief thing to know is that black holes suck, and they suck things in at the speed of light (and beyond). Where the escape velocity is light speed, you cannot see in any further, and it forms a spherical area that we usually call a black hole which has a 'surface' that we call the event horizon since we can see no events past that point.

Black holes do not just suck matter into their hungry mouths, they suck light, and they suck space-time itself into them. Einstein found that massive objects bend space-time around themselves into a curve. The more mass is present, the more bending of space-time. As the mass increases, space-time curves more and more until finally, it curves into the mass itself. At that point, escape velocity has exceeded light speed, and the mass sucks space-time into the black hole.

The point at which space-time is sucked into the black hole at the speed of light is the same point where light is being sucked in at the speed of light, and it describes a spherical volume of space called the event horizon.  You should know that the event horizon is not the surface of the black hole. The true surface of a black hole is at the very center of the sphere and is a point in space with no volume whatsoever. Space-time is entering the sphere of the event horizon at the speed of light, and by the time it reaches the point in the center, it is traveling at an indefinable, possibly infinite rate. The central point in the black hole sucks up all of that space-time and all of that matter, with the space-time conceptually compacting itself into an infinite curvature as it enters this point, and matter carried in as part of the package of space-time compaction energy. The properties of mass and other advanced properties have smeared on the event horizon itself (by current ideas) to conserve information. I don't know if that is true, but it does not enter the point at the center.

It seems instinctively true that if there is a point where gravity sucks a large amount of stuff into a gravity well, there must be another side to the point where the stuff blows. One theory suggests that black holes may connect to another place where the stuff that fell into the black hole discharges from the connection. The connection would be a wormhole, which is a shortcut through space-time and other dimensions, and has been shown to have a mathematical, and likely a physical, existence.  The opposite end of the black hole point would be a white hole. We see very active and energetic sources of light in our universe called quasars, which might very well be examples of white holes.

Here is where it gets tricky, but you need to follow this to understand the universe in which we live. Imagine in the parent universe that you had a straight edge that you could put on the edge of space as it curved into the black hole. You place one straight edge on one side, at a slant that intersects the point at the center. The straight edge will protrude out of the other side of the 'singularity point,' and into the 'offspring' universe as a mirror image of its orientation in the 'parent' universe. This is a fair graphical representation of the gravity well of a black hole, and of a hypothetical offspring universe.

In this graphical representation, as you go past the point, assuming that a wormhole connects it to some other place, or in our pre-universe's case, some not-place, you see a coordinate switch of the space-time from positive to negative values. If you follow the paths of the straight edges all the way through the wormhole, in our universe the straight edges have switched sides, the one on the left in the parent universe now on the right in ours. Consider it a flip of signs, such that the space in our universe is now a negative of the space in the parent universe.

It is time to put on our god shoes, and take a stroll to various points to see what is happening at various points in the history of our universe. From our standpoint, within our universe, the universe is currently expanding at a tremendous clip, expanding from a zero volume point in some other space to something considerably bigger than a sphere twenty-eight billion light years in diameter.

If we visit the parent universe, and we find the black hole responsible for our universe's birth, and with the aid of our God shoes, we can see right into the black hole, all the way to the gooey center, we see a point at the center. As far as we can tell from that side, our universe never expanded, and it exists in a zero-volume point if we can tell that it exists at all.

If we visit our universe, say for the first minute of time flow, we see a rushing explosion of space-time, matter, and light. If we visit the parent universe for the same minute (assuming we can find that minute) we find...Nothing much. There is just a point in space at the center of a black hole.

In the first few moments of our universe's existence, we see the creation of elementary particles out of space-time strings and the creation of more complex matter structures. We see our universal laws distilled out of the rapidly expanding and cooling universe. The space-time expansion of this universe, its laws and its masses, structures, and destiny are all determined in the first few moments of the universe's existence.

During the same time that we see almost infinite changes occurring in our universe, from the perspective of the parent universe, nothing is happening. Their black hole may suck in more matter, but that activity is on their side, in their universe. From their viewpoint, nothing is happening in our universe at all. From their standpoint, there is no evidence that our universe even exists, unless they have better ways to analyze the situation than we have in our universe.

We certainly live in a wonderful universe, on a wonderful ball of mud revolving about a wonderful golden sun three-fourths or so of the way toward the outer edge of a wonderful spiral galaxy. Everything seems to be going our way. Gravity does not crush us; our elements do not fall apart into their parts, killing us with radiation or deterioration. Nearby Suns do not explode very often, and when they do, usually they just spray some valuable heavy elements about, and (at least to date) they don't make us extinct.

Everything here seems made to order. It is almost as though someone 'up there' created the universe just for us. It is not too hot, and not too cold. It is not too sweet, and not too sour. It is its own best evidence of the existence of a God, right? Not necessarily.

There is something called the Anthropic Principle that says that if the universe can create and sustain life, and if that life evolved into something that resembled a talking, semi-intelligent ape, the ape might think that the universe existed just for it. It is just the chicken and the egg, all over again.

If the egg could think, it would think that the chicken existed just to make more eggs. If the chicken could think (very doubtful), it would think that the egg existed just to make more chickens. Any universe where the thinking creature evolved to live relatively comfortably would seem like a place made by something so

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