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Holy Basil (Oscimum Sanctum) - Just One Herb: One Natural Medicine to Keep You healthy Throughout Your Life


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Holy Basil (Oscimum Sanctum) - Just One Herb: One Natural Medicine to Keep You healthy Throughout Your Life

Länge: 77 Seiten42 Minuten


Table of Contents

Planting Any Plant in Your Garden
Planting your Tulsi seedlings
Caring for your Tulsi
Benefits and Curative Properties of the Holy Basil
Curing Children’s Ailments
A Winter Tonic
Stomach Parasites
Influenza and Bronchitis
Eye, Ear and Mouth Infections
Joint Pain and Arthritis
For Baby
Heart Ailments
Skin Ailments and Infections
Natural Herbal Soap
Author Bio


Man has always been fascinated by a number of healing plants, in nature, for millenniums, especially when he found out that these herbs had the power to cure him without any side effects. That is the reason why many of the plants were worshiped in ancient times and considered to be beloved of the gods. Thus, the Laurel was beloved of Apollo, the oak, ash, and thorn were worshiped by the Druids, and in the East, a number of plants were consecrated to a number of gods, because of their beneficial and curative properties.

We are going to talk about one particular plant here, which you are going to grow in your home or in your garden. It is the sacred basil.

This book is going to concentrate on just this one plant – Oscimum sanctum. No, it is not the basil which we find growing so commonly, in the Mediterranean regions, and which is a necessary flavoring herb for every dish made out there. That is just ordinary basil. Sacred basil is more aromatic, and is mostly used for healing, instead of imparting a flavor to your dish.

It is known all over the world as Tulsi (Tool-si.) It is worshiped by the Hindus. I do not know whether the people in other parts of the world consider it to be a sacred plant, but if I was a pagan and was told to worship any plant for its healing quantities, I would be worshiping The Neem and the Tulsi. Every part of these plants come in useful. The seeds are minuscule and their quantity is so prolific that one plant can give you enough of seeds to cover a hectare of land!

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