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Golden Swastika


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Golden Swastika

Länge: 430 Seiten6 Stunden


The Allies believed they'd found Hitlers dead burnt body outside his bunker in Berlin, but it was unrecognizable as him so was it Hitler or just another German officer?

Prof, Longshanks and Monica search for 11 Golden Swastikas that contain cryptic clues and have many deadly, interesting and amusing adventures while en-route to reaching the Nazis true treasure.

On their trail is Black, (a mercenary with no feelings for anyone and a born killer) and Heide, a psychopathic killer and his most trusted team member, but she would prove a very bad mistake. He and his team are to follow Green and when they have the prize, kill them, the problem with that was that another team were also on their tail.
The League of Teutonic Aryans had Frau Himmler and Six as their main team members, the league was set up in 1934 by Heinrich Himmler and Frau Himmler is his illegitimate Granddaughter. Only one team would prevail and get the prize that could change the known world, but which one?
Prof, Longshanks and Monica travel the world and have many dangerous, funny and strange adventures before finally reaching their goal. What they find is beyond anything any of them could ever have believed and surviving now becomes their main concern as Black and the LTA catch up with them on the Island of Fuerteventura.
Prof, Longshanks and Monica travel the globe searching for the next clue hidden in a Golden Swastika, hoping to find the famed hidden treasure of the Nazis. Following them is Black and his team of mercenaries and following them are the League of Teutonic Aryans or LTA. They have many adventures and some in the bedroom, but as in all good mystery novels it has more twists than a jar of cough candy.

So can you work it out?????????????

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