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Winning Elections Strategies & Manipulations


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Winning Elections Strategies & Manipulations

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The game of knowing how to play the cards of Winning or Retaining Political Power / Elections is very intricate and complex. Only a few people have mastered the game. This booklet enlightens you on how an Election is Planned, Organized, Executed and Won. The booklet further details on ways that you can use to manipulate an election to your favor.

The diversity and complexity of Politics / Elections usually determines who shall win or lose an election when it is properly mastered. As a contender in an election, your desire is to always have things panning out as you expect in spite of competing interests or entities. Politicians or Elections Entities are always faced with Political Cartels, Economic Cartels and Social Cartels who either directly / indirectly influence the outcome of the elections. This is crucial as it is the people who count the vote and not the people who vote that determine the winner of the election.

When you cannot control what is happening around you, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what is happening, as that is where your power is. And always remember that all State or Government Leaders are only front men who have been placed in those positions to distract you from the people who really run the country. You should therefore know what you are getting yourself into as once you start the race, there is no stopping or looking back.

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