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Cowboy's Secret

Cowboy's Secret

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Cowboy's Secret

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Nov 5, 2017


Bi-for-you cowboy MM romance.

Tex has noticed guys his whole life, but his family wasn’t open minded about things like being gay or bisexual. So he’s lived his life in the closet. And it was fine because he liked girls too. In fact, everything was just super fine. He could ignore his urges toward other men if he needed to. Because everything was FINE.

Until Riley Johnson came to the Blue Streak Ranch.

Riley’s impossible to ignore, and the two men give in to their passions. But Riley has a secret that could mean the end of the Blue Streak Ranch. His boss, Amy has bought the ranch and plans on turning it into a night club for city folk.

This is a 32,000 word Bi-for-you MM romance with a HEA. It’s sweet and very steamy.

Nov 5, 2017

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Cowboy's Secret - Cat Blaine

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-Two

Chapter Twenty-Three

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Chapter One


I’d noticed guys most of my life, but I’d never acted on it much. In high school one of my horny buddies and I had given each other blow jobs in the barn one night after sneaking a bunch of my dad’s beers. But my family wasn’t open-minded about things like sexuality and it just seemed wiser to ignore my feelings toward other guys. Besides, I liked girls too and there were plenty of them around. Plus, no one gave me a hard time if I slept with as many girls as I wanted. If anything, it seemed to please my old man.

As I got older, I blamed my continued reticence to come out as bi-sexual on my fear of my Uncle Rod. After I graduated high school, my parents died in a car wreck, and he’d raised me the rest of the way up. He was a hard, homophobic man and hugely set in his ways. He wasn’t the kind of uncle who took you on picnics so that you could share your innermost feelings with each other. No, he worked me hard and made me earn my keep. So I kept my attraction to men private. It was easier that way. This was Steer Falls Texas and if I wanted to avoid getting my ass whooped I had to ignore how much I liked guys.

But things went a little sideways when Riley Johnson got off the ranch shuttle one Saturday morning.

Of course I didn’t know his name at the time, but my first glimpse of that twenty something blond, blue-eyed guy lit something inside of me I’d never felt before. My cock hardened as our eyes locked, and I had to look away so I didn’t embarrass myself by gawking at him. Jesus fucking Christ he was sexy.

"Tex. Hey, are you deaf or something?" My buddy Tom stared at me with his brows pulled tight in a frown.

My face warmed, and I turned my back on him. What? I cinched the saddle tighter on my pinto, avoiding Tom’s stare.

Rod told me last night he wants you to take this first batch of greenhorns.

I stuffed down my excitement that the blond guy was going to be under my watch. You sure? I hoped I sounded disinterested since that was what I was going for. It was going to be hard to be around that blond guy and not act on anything, but it was a good kind of hard.

Of course I’m sure. Tom shook his head. Jesus, you got manure in your ears or something?

I gave him an annoyed glance. Watch your tone.

I’m just joshin’.

Ha. Ha. I was in charge when my uncle wasn’t around and I didn’t tolerate the men mouthing off to me. Even my buddy, Tom. All it took was for one of them to think they could disrespect you, and pretty soon they all did.

Geeze. Some people can’t take a joke.

I rolled my eyes.

Anyway, I get next week’s crop of city folk. Tom sighed, as he eyed the group gathering a few feet away. Too bad too. This bunch has a lot of pretty girls.

I snorted and shook my head. Keep it in your pants at least for the first night.

You should talk. He smirked. I know you slept with that redhead who was here last week.

I shrugged. I didn’t like to fuck women and brag about it. But I had bedded that pretty auburn headed girl, and it had been a nice distraction while it lasted. I waited a few days.

He laughed. Right. Well, send any girls you don’t want my way.

I ain’t running a dating service.

He looked past my shoulder toward the people who’d disembarked the shuttle. Looks like they’re all lined up and ready for the spiel, boss.

I squared my shoulders and pushed my cowboy hat firmly on my head. When I faced the group, I made a concerted effort not to glance toward the blond guy. Gather round folks. I spoke in a low tone, and the group shuffled in to listen. I’m Tex and you’re all in my herd for the next seven days. Don’t worry; I won’t brand your ass with a hot poker. A little chuckle rippled through the crowd. Any of you ever rode a horse before? A few hands came up tentatively. I noticed the blond guy also put his fingers up in the air. I pointed toward him and my stomach somersaulted when our eyes met. What’s your name, City Boy?

Riley Johnson. His voice husky. He held my gaze confidently and when he licked his lips, my dick twitched. I’ll be honest though; it’s been a while.

It’s like riding a bike, Tom quipped.

Riley smiled. Good.

I pretended his pretty grin didn’t have my knees weak and said, Except a bike doesn’t weigh eleven hundred pounds and step on your head if you fall off. Most of their eyes widened and their mouths fell open.

True. Tom grimaced. He then whispered under his breath, You sure you want to lead with that, Tex? You’re going to scare them back on the bus.

I ignored him. A horse is a big animal and while the ones we have here are gentle and well-mannered, you have to respect them. They’re working animals, not pets.

They all nodded. All of them but Riley. It irked me a little when he just narrowed his eyes and clenched his jaw as if he didn’t approve of my comment. He pushed his hands in his pockets and looked away toward the snowy mountains.

What’s that attitude about?

I’m sure you folks are tired from the long trip. We have your cabin assignments ready. I took the clipboard Tom offered me. Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez you’re staying in the Black Mustang cottage. I pointed down the long dirt road in the direction of all the little brightly painted buildings.

Mrs. Hernandez smiled and stepped forward to grab the key that dangled from a miniature horseshoe. Do you know if there’s a TV in that cabin?

I frowned. There are no TV’s anywhere on the ranch. Hadn’t she read the brochure before she booked the trip?

Her mouth made an O. I see. She looked nervously at her husband. Sorry, honey. That means you’re going to miss your football games.

He shrugged pleasantly. I didn’t come here to watch football, dear.

Her shoulder’s relaxed. Whew. Okay, good.

I held out another key. Lisa Oakwood. Looks like you’re in the Pinto Palace. I gave the petite brunette who stepped forward a little smile as she took her key, and her cheeks turned pink. Let me know if you need anything.

I... I sure will. She laughed nervously and took her place back in the group.

I continued to hand out the rest of the keys to everybody. In addition to the Hernandez’s and Lisa there was a single guy named Steve, a honeymoon couple and an older man, Max, who was all on his own. And of course Riley. When I called Riley’s name he walked up self-assuredly and when our fingers brushed a spark jolted up my arm and gave me goosebumps. While he didn’t react hugely, he did give a sharp intake of breath, so I suspected maybe he felt something too. You’re in the Grunting Bull cabin. I hated the names of most of the houses, but I felt especially stupid telling him the title of his abode for obvious reasons.

Awesome. His lips twitched. I’ll try to do it proud.

His comment caused numerous sexual images to fill my mind. I cleared my throat and turned away from him abruptly. Dinner is promptly at six. It’s in the big red building behind me. The menu is what it is each night. This isn’t a five star restaurant but Betty is a talented cook. You can bet whatever she serves will be hot, plentiful and might even put hair on your chest.

Riley snorted, and I glanced at him. You think I’m kidding but I’m not. She has a heavy hand with the spices.

I like spicy. He twisted his lips and held my gaze. The hotter the better.

I resisted the urge to run a finger under my collar. It felt like he was flirting with me, but I wasn’t good at reading guys. Keep your Tum’s handy I guess. I took a few steps back and put my hands on my hips. Anybody have any questions?

Riley held his hand up, and I met his curious gaze.

Yes? I kept my face blank.

"Where’s your cottage?" His voice was soft.

I pointed toward the farthest cabin at the end of all the others. I’m in the Eagle’s Nest cottage. It’s the plain brown one with the white shutters.

Got it. He nodded, and his expression was enigmatic. Can we come to you if we have... needs? He smiled when Lisa giggled.

Was he just joking around or was he flirting? I hated that I couldn’t read him. Of course. You’re in my charge and I’m here to make sure you enjoy your vacation.

Well if you’re in charge of our enjoyment, I think this is going to be the best vacay ever. He pushed his tongue into his cheek and his eyes had a mischievous glint.


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  • (5/5)
    nice short book so you can read it in one sitting. I enjoyed learning about the characters while they figured out their relationship