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Wild for Shifters: Cats

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Wild for Shifters: Cats - a trio of stories for the wild cat lover. Savage and primal, these predators hunt their prey in the game of love.

Marked by the Beast by Jaide Fox

Living under a curse, Ashanti had little to lose but everything to gain by freeing the exotic beastman held prisoner by Lord Conrad’s depravity. But she did not anticipate the unbidden desire Blasien aroused in her when in his presence, nor did she expect her untamed captive would soon become her master....

Jaguar’s Prey by Celeste Anwar

Hired to trap a rogue group of apex cats, Eva didn’t realize at first that these weren’t ordinary predators. They were far more intelligent…and dangerous…than anything she’d ever come across in the wild.

Armando, Raphael, and Remy had watched Eva on the island for days, sabotaging her every move, until she unleashed a pheromone so potent that every escaped shape-shifter on the island was compelled to come straight for her.

Star’s Fall by Jaide Fox

Considering he’s not a pretty boy like the other randy wolves in town, big, burly Adolpho expected to maintain his lone wolf status ‘til death—until an injured she-cat rouses his beast and makes him question why he thought he could spend his days unmated and alone. Mating heat made her a target for any male cat shifter in sniffing distance, and for the first time in her life, Star realizes she needs help from the last person she expected—a werewolf.

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