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Instant Poetry App


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Instant Poetry App

Länge: 152 Seiten55 Minuten


April had prepared an app for a mobile phone which could convert any word, image or concept into a poem.
All one had to do was scan the image and it would generate a poem based on words, images and colors.

The poetry created by the mobile application would all be based on aspects of the user’s life which he or she could relate to in some way.
April needed to test the app before releasing it to the marketplace for apps.
There was a fortune to be had in creating and selling apps in this new age of e-commerce.
There were several instances of people becoming millionaires with the creation of a apps.
There were now apps for anything you could possibly imagine from booking a cab to getting you the best home, most suitable for you and your family.
April did not mind being called a geek or nerd at school. She just loved computers and programming.
The young eighteen year-old girl who was just finishing her last year at university looked at the collection of research materials she had used for creating her mobile application. It had started out as a project for her computer science module, but it now was a passion.
April spoke into her Instant Mobile App and Hey Presto, there was an instant poem for her to read and enjoy.

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