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Answers From The Akashic Records Vol 3: Practical Spirituality for a Changing World


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Answers From The Akashic Records Vol 3: Practical Spirituality for a Changing World

Länge: 72 Seiten41 Minuten


In Volume 3 of the Answers From The Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu, the questions revolved around: Cloning, Cremation, Economies & Events, Past Lives, Prayer, Portals, Light Codes, Torture, Sun Gazing and more! Some of the profound statements from this volume include: “Our intention is our prayer”, “Prayer donates spiritual energy to the world”, “Economic collapse can be a cleansing of the unnecessary”, and “It will take 70% of the people to actualize a new Earth.”
In Volume 2 of the Answers From The Akashic Records series, the topics were all about: Alien Ships, Amelia Earhart, Area 51, Autism, Chain Stores, Child Crime, China, Entertainment Studios, Fracking, GM Crops, Hair Loss, Hitler, James Casbolt, Jesus, Nigel Farage, Past Lives, Psychic Attack, Reptilians, Right Place, Soul Levels, The Boston Bombings, The US and World Economy, The Little Grandmother, The Reconnection, The Shadow Self, Uprisings, US Politics, Vibration vs. Frequency, Wheat, Winning over Evil, etc.
If you’ve ever asked yourself “who am I?” or “why am I here?”, or wanted to know was Jesus married, do animals have souls, or are ETs real, then you are in the right place! This series is written so that you can have clarity on all these questions and more. Edgar Cayce introduced us to the Akashic Records and the Hall of Records, and this is where you can get all 100 volumes in the Answers From The Akashic Records series as down-stepped by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu.
Aingeal Rose (USA) & Ahonu (Ireland) are a twin flame couple who devote their lives to helping you grow in spiritual awareness in an awakening world. Through their online Akashic Record sessions, podcasts, workshops, retreats and private/business consulting; they have empowered thousands of people worldwide. 
With over 60 years of combined exploration of consciousness and personal empowerment, they bring practical spirituality into a fast-changing world so you can find it easier to live, love and grow. Aingeal Rose & Ahonu are ordained ministers in the non-denominational Alliance of Divine Love Ministry and bring that devotion into everything they do.
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