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Escort: Inked Angels MC, #0

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Escort is the prequel in the Inked Angels MC series. Books 1-10 are available everywhere now!

Prequel: Escort
Book 1: A Sinful Vow
Book 2: A Wicked Vow
Book 3: A Dirty Vow
Book 4: A Secret Vow
Book 5: A Dark Vow
Book 6: A Forbidden Vow
Book 7: A Broken Vow
Book 8: A Troubled Vow
Book 9: A Perfect Vow
Book 10: Cross Your Heart

From now on, you’re not going anywhere without me. Understand?


I joined this club for three things:

Bikes, broads, and booze.

Babysitting was never part of the job description.

Escorting some rich guy’s brat across the border?

No thanks.

But I’m the only guy for the job.

I figured I’d get an easy lay out of it.

I never expected to be ducking bullets to save the girl.

But life can be funny,

And when she’s snatched away from me, there’s only one thing to do:

Get her back…

…and make her MINE.


Kidnapped from home and dragged a thousand miles away?

It’s been a bad week to say the least.

Things only get worse when I’m handed over yet again…

…to the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in my life.

He’s tall, rugged, and utterly infuriating.

At first, all I wanted was a taste of freedom.

But now, the only thing I crave is another taste of him.

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