The Gun Digest Book of .22 Rimfire: Rifles·Pistols·Ammunition


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The Gun Digest Book of .22 Rimfire: Rifles·Pistols·Ammunition

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The Complete Guide to All Things Rimfire

If you enjoy shooting rimfire handguns or rifles, this book will make you a better shot and give you more information than you've ever had before.

Rimfire cartridges and firearms are among the most versatile and popular firearms available today. Noted author James E. House takes an in-depth look at all the popular - and many of the not so popular or obsolete - rimfire cartridges and firearms available to shooters today.

House covers everything from ballistic information to reviews of classic and modern firearms, including complete coverage of the hot new .17-caliber guns and ammunition. In addition to scientific data on what you can expect from rimfire guns and ammunition, House details real-world tests performed on pistols, rifles and revolvers to tell readers what works and what doesn't.

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