Modern Custom Guns: Walnut, Steel, and Uncommon Artistry


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Modern Custom Guns: Walnut, Steel, and Uncommon Artistry

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Beauty, function, flair--art!

Welcome to Modern Custom Guns, 2nd Edition! Noted author and firearms expert Tom Turpin once again brings the reader a celebration of today's most talented custom gun artisans. Told beautifully in both words and stunning photography, inside this completely revamped and updated second edition you'll find:

Hundreds of breathtaking photos. The histories behind the craftmen and -women making the grade today. How today's guilds for stockmakers, engravers, and specialists are making a difference. Why now is the best time in history to have a custom gun made for you. Complete artist resource listing. With a depth of understanding wrought from years of working closely with dozens of artisans, Turpin's text and photos bring the world of custom guns to life. Rarely does one find one resource that really delivers for the artists who are making their marks away from the big-box factories, who are taking their skills to levels never before imagined, and who are making both their guns and their artistry accessible to firearms enthusiasts everywhere, and not just the "elite." Turpin brings them all out of their private workshops and straight to your living room armchair. Sit back, take a few evenings to read the words here and ogle the photos--then start planning out what you want your next custom gun to be.
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