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Just '50s

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Just the '50s, man!

Whether you were sporting bobby socks, a flat-top, or a ducktail, the 1950s were just "boss" man, especially if you were digging cars. C'mon Daddy-O, has there ever been anything cooler than the ultra-high-rise fins on a 1959 Cadillac, the "port hole" windows on a '57 T-Bird, or the blinding chrome on an early-'50s Buick Skylark?

There may never be another time that rivals the 1950s when it comes to automotive excellence, and the cars from that glorious decade seem as popular today as they were then, when sales records seemed to fall every seasons.

In Just the '50s, we salute the magical machines that seemed to come from every automaker of the day. With more than 30 feature stories and in-depth profiles, the publishers of Old Cars Weekly, Old Cars Report Price Guide and take a trip back in time to revisit the great machines of the 1950s, and the people that love them.

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