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Wild and Wilder West: The Collected Tales of K.D. West, Volume I and II

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30 Tales of Love Outside the Box from Amazon Best-Selling Author K.D. West!

Two collections in one — including the complete Visitor Saga

A young woman flying to her new home city discovers that sometimes embracing the unknown can be very, very nice. A happily married couple discover that sometimes a touch of fantasy can make you even happier. A student convinces her former teacher and her best friend to give her a birthday present that none of them will ever forget.

Drawn together from six different series, this boxed set runs the gamut from emotionally complex to hilarious and everything in between — but always exploring the ways in which love, friendship, sex, and sexuality make us human.

The stories in this box set include:

The Visitor Saga

The Visitor (M/F, M/M/F, friends to lovers) The Visitor Comes Home (bisexuality, ménage à trois. F/M/M, implied F/F) The Visitor Comes Again (workplace sex, bisexuality, ménage à trois. F/M/M) The Visitor Goes to Work (solo, ménage à trois. F/M/M) The Visitor Entertains (pegging, bisexuality, ménage à trois. F/M/M) The Visitor Takes a Trip (bisexuality, homosexuality, ménage à trois. F/M/M, M/M, F/M, F/M/F) The Visitor Has Company (bisexuality, ménage à trois. F/M/M, F/F/M, M/M, F/M)

Around the Twist

Over the Top (new adult, best friends to lovers, first time, M/F/M, M/F) Under the Covers (new adult, F/M) Out of the Box (submission, pegging. M/F) On the Table (best friends to lovers, ménage à trois. F/M/F)

Friendly Ménage Tales

Truth & Games (best friends to lovers, F/M/M) Verity (M/M/F) The Trouble with Triplets, Pt. I (M/F/M, M/F) Fantasy Is More than Black and White (M/F, implied F/F, implied F/M/M/F)

Juliet Takes Flight

Juliet Takes Stage (student/teacher, M/F) Juliet Takes Off (first time, student/teacher, M/F) Juliet Takes Her Leave (solo) Juliet Take a Chance (solo, bisexuality, best friends to lovers, lesbian, M/F, F/F) Juliet Takes the Floor (solo, M/F, F/F, implied threesome) Juliet Takes Charge (bisexuality, student/teacher, best friends to lovers, ménage à trois. F/M, F/F, F/F/M)

Love Letters: Letters to Allison

Dear Juliet (solo) Sweet Sorrow: from Allison's Diary (M/F) Dana: Thing of Beauty (first time, student/teacher, M/F) Bridget (M/F) Rachel: The Big Easy (strangers to lovers, M/F) Veronica: Arise, Fair Sun (UST, M/F) Epilogue: Love, Juliet (M/F)

Sapphic Fairytales

Two Candles (family-safe lesbian fairytale. F/F — no sex) Lily & Rose (family-safe lesbian fairytale. F/F — no sex) Plus a sneak preview of K.D. West's contemporary fantasy novel By the Numbers (best friends to lovers, F/M, F/F/M, F/F)

(210,000 words - M/F, M/M/F, M/F/F, and F/F romance, with male and female bisexuality - for adult readers only)

Right off the bat, let's be clear: K.D. West is an excellent writer.

- K.C. Cave

Strong recommend.... This is one that will stick with me in my thoughts. Great stories do that, and this is one of those.

- Sylvie Storm, EreadErotica

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