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It's Ok: Active Listening and Evaluating


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It's Ok: Active Listening and Evaluating

Länge: 76 Seiten26 Minuten


With activities by David Wheway, Jonathan Barnes and Shelagh Thomson, 'It's Ok' is one of a series of 5 books which focus on developing music across the primary/elementary curriculum. A special feature is that of suggesting ways in which visiting musicians can support and liaise with schools to enhance the music curriculum. 'It's Ok' includes activities to: promote careful, attentive and active listening; develop a technical language to describe sounds, instruments and responses;recognise how musical elements are used within extracts; identify sound/instrumental sources, develop awareness of music of different genres, traditions, times and places. Activities develop through the book from simple ideas for children of around 4 years old, to the end of KS2 (11 year olds).
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