The Barley Pop Bastard


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The Barley Pop Bastard

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MICK MATTEO is a 30 year old, self-proclaimed bastard who’s just touched down in his hometown of San Francisco after a two-year hiatus abroad. With a rotting gut caused by copious alcohol consumption and a penchant for illicit sex and drugs, Matteo immediately shacks up with the one friend who shares his desire for toxic intake. With hopes of adding a constructive element to his menial existence, he lands a job at at Beenz coffee house; a milieu of pot heads, speed freaks and a Mexican girl he feels might be able to settle him down.

Things are going smoothly for Mick, with Roxanna giving signs she may reciprocate his affections. But when he runs into an old flame at a friend’s party, his game is thrown in a new direction. Misty was the one that got away, and with Mick now in the picture all she wants is for him to sweep her away. All he needs is a job with the Chinese mob and enough money to get her to Mexico.

With a mixture of urban grit and urbane humour, The Barley Pop Bastard is a treatise to one bastard's city by the bay.

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