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Care & Feeding for the Highly Sensitive Soul


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Care & Feeding for the Highly Sensitive Soul

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All my life I have wished there was an instruction manual to give to those who need to understand who and what I am. I am an Empath.

That is just one potential part of the group called Highly Sensitive People, and they are as complex and unique as you and I, and more.

I wrote this guide for you if you consider yourself to be highly sensitive, and seek further insight.

I wrote this book for you if you are someone who cares about a highly sensitive person, and seeks a deeper understanding of their experiences and reactions to various things.

Weather it's because you think you might be an Empath and seek guidance and understanding for yourself, or you simply want to be supportive in the life of a highly sensitive person or HSP, this is the book you need to read. 

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