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Used by the Devil: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Jokers MC)

41 pages28 minutes


Creating and maintaining an undercover operation is not for the faint of heart. Mallory Reynolds has dreamed of this promotion her entire career in the police department. The chance to take down a major drug lord is just what she needs to push her to the position of police chief one day. Nothing will get in her way.

The drug lord and President of the Jokers Motorcycle Club, Victor Klein, has evaded arrest for years. He is charismatic and handsome and has a way with words which has allowed him to stay ahead of the police for as long as he has. When a new and beautiful woman enters his folds he uses his charm and wit to win her heart. Mallory plays along with the ruse, but at some point she starts to question what is real and what is fake?

Soon the line between right and wrong start to blur for Mallory as her desire for the criminal grows and threatens her position as an undercover agent. Going in she sought out a drug lord, what she found instead was love.

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