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Between 1973 and 1978, Michelle “Feather” Jones dominated adult movie theaters as the burgeoning porn industry’s queen. Fans flocked to her screenings, and critics hailed her as the next big thing. By 1980, though, Feather was homeless, hooked on heroin, and prostituting in order to buy drugs. She disappeared from Hollywood’s restless spotlight and died at the age of forty-five from heroin addiction.

Michelle “Shelly” Jones teaches at a small state college in Denver. She dreams of becoming a great novelist, while her colleagues sign big-dollar publishing deals. When Shelly discovers that a deceased porn star shares her name, she becomes obsessed with her life and death and believes she can descend Orpheus-like into the hell of Feather Jones’ world to rescue and perhaps redeem her memory.

In her quest to make sense of Feather’s life, death, and infamous career, she meets Tim Rhodes, aka the legendary Ryder Long, Feather's real life lover and on-screen co-star. There is no doubting the chemistry sparked between them, but is it merely physical or can they build something that lasts longer than a scene? The bigger question remains in both of their minds, though: is this Tim's way of having Feather back?

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