Therapeutic Use Of Hemp-Derived CBD Oil


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Therapeutic Use Of Hemp-Derived CBD Oil

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The book is an update to *The Amazing Power of CBD Oil and Hemp Oil* It provides a practical guide to extracting High quality CBD oil at home to treat a variety of health issues. It contains wealth of information that you would need on the CBD and other cannabinoids that works with CBD to produce and entourage healing effect.

Cannabis has been in use for thousands of years throughout different cultures for different disorders – anxiety, insomnia, seizures etc. It was around 8000BC that the hemp plant was used for making textiles, ropes, clothing etc. In the 2700BC, Shen Known considered to be the father of traditional Chinese medicine out of curiosity took 365 different plants to check for their medicinal effect. He chewed each of them and made notes of their effect. The experiment lasted over 365 days with some days taken off to recover from adverse effect associated with some of the plants he took at random. Interestingly, after taking the cannabis plant, he realized the severe pain associated with gout he was suffering from subsided. In 1850, cannabis was part of the United States’ pharmacopeia and was prescribed for health conditions. In 1935, there were about 28 cannabis therapeutic drugs that were available for doctors to prescribe for their patients. This led to a number of research and development programs until it all went horribly wrong in the mid-1970s by the single negative campaign of a man named Harry J. Anslinger. But today, the medicinal value of cannabis is in the front burner, with major campaign to take it off the schedule 1 listing.

In addition to offering the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on CBD-dominant cannabis therapy for humans, this book is the first to offer guidance for using the medicine for animals, with suggestions for dosage and delivery and useful forms and strains for common health issues in pets. Finally, the authors take a look at the various regulations concerning legalization of Cannabis in the United States and a list of states that medical marijuana is legal. Other information you will get from getting this book include:

Difference Between CBD and THC A List of Some Prominent Cannabinoids in Cannabis The Entourage Effect of Cannabinoids Pharmacology of the Endocannabinoid System Impact of Medical Cannabis on Health Care Scientific Methods for testing Hemp Plant for CBD Content and Purity Synthesizing CBD Picking the Right Cannabis Strain to Extract CBD Oil Extracting CBD Oil at Home Difference Between Marijuana And Hemp The Content of Hemp Oil Hemp Oil Benefits Medical Benefits of CBD Oil CBD Oil In Treating Hypertension CBD Oil As A Cure for Cancer Biphasic Nature of CBD in Terms of Sleep CBD Oil for Managing Diabetes Schizophrenia and CBD Oil CBD Oil As A Treatment For Arthritis Activating The Cannabinoid Receptors in the Joints to Modulate Pains and Inflammation In Arthritis Exploiting Endocannabinoid System to Reduce Pain and Inflammation What to Watch Out for When Purchasing CBD Oil The Right CBD Dosage for Your Needs Marijuana Based Medications Not Available in the United States Safety Concerns CBD Oil and Pets The Legality of CBD In The USA Appropriate dosage of CBD Oil to fight Cancer, manage obesity and Diabetes etc Best way to store Hemp and CBD Oil

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