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Quentin's Escape

228 pages3 hours


Stunned by the tragic loss of his soul mate, Quentin Haggerty flees east with no destination in mind, desperate to find peace. A wise old man in a small town café nudges him to meet the town police chief, who offers him a deputy position. Q’s bearing and experience qualify him, and he signs on with misgivings. Shortly afterward the chief dies and Q is sworn in as acting chief. Though over his head and haunted by visions of his lost love, Q gets to know the people. Growing in the job takes his mind off his grief, though life is made more complicated by a serial peeper and the first murder in the town since the 20s. Several females clamor for his attention. Can he find redemption as the head cop while solving crimes and dodging his own feelings of inadequacy? Is love a possibility or is he permanently damaged? Book 2 in the Quentin Romance Series. Set in 1945 in Oregon. Adult situations.

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