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A Biker’s Lust: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Menace MC)

44 pages33 minutes


Michael Lawrence is not the kind of man who runs from a little conflict.

He’s a brute. Or at least that’s the reputation he’s so carefully cultivated throughout his years of running his motorcycle club, Menace MC. Which means he's a lot more frightening than local law enforcement.

Sarah knows all about Michael Lawrence.

Or so she thinks. She’s come across his handiwork writing for the paper and what she’s seen has disgusted her. Sarah detests violence, the thing Michael Lawrence seems to bring with him everywhere he goes.

Now Michael is getting to know Sarah.

Sarah’s latest article has Michael’s crew all worked up, as it implicates about half of them. Michael’s not too pleased, either, but when his crew decides to take matters into their own hands it’s Michael’s reluctant duty to keep her safe.

And Sarah doesn’t have the good sense to be terrified.

The beautiful reporter has no fear and no particular fondness for Michael. Can Michael bring her around before she runs headlong into serious trouble? And more importantly, how will find the strength to let her go when the danger’s passed?

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