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We The People: Making America America Again


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We The People: Making America America Again

Länge: 52 Seiten37 Minuten


Gaylon Kent, a Libertarian Party nominee for Congress from Colorado, shows that while there are a variety of issues this election season, the only issue that matters is empowerment: will American voters continue to tolerate partisan, fractured and bickering government or will they take charge at the ballot box this November and dismiss the status quo.

In a non-partisan, thoughtful and entertaining manner, Gaylon looks at a variety of issues and shows how our endless wars and crushing debt will eventually destroy America and how what makes America great is not those America sends to Washington, but the people who send them there in the first place.

Gaylon discusses the status quo and how if they were going to change anything they would have already done so and that the time has come for America to send a message to itself and the rest of the world that America is demanding better government this Election Day.

Thoughtful and concise, We The People: Making America America Again can easily be read in one sitting and will show you that the power in America lies not with incumbents, the media or lobbyists, but in you and me - we the people - taking control on Election Day.

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