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U.S Coin Investing Unearthed Information

U.S Coin Investing Unearthed Information

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U.S Coin Investing Unearthed Information

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May 1, 2018


No Other Book with Such Investment Revelations. Years of Digging and Researching. Full Glory Revealed Inside. Classic Unearthed U.S Coin Investing Data that Will Astound You. Complete Price History, Patterns, Secrets and Other Valuable Information "Little Known".

There Has Been a Lack of Records in the Past, the Records of the Past Performance in the Coin Field are Perhaps the Only One's Available in this Book. You Will Be Glad You Came Across this Unusual Book on U.S Coin Investing When You Read About Gains as Unbelievable as this.

Loaded With Valuable Information Inside that Could Make You Rich...Very RICH!

Definantly for the U.S Coin Enthusiast!

May 1, 2018

Über den Autor

My name is Darryl Craig. Been Trading Forex for over 10 Years. Teaching for Over 7.Made and Making Excellent Amounts of Money Trading Forex. I Love Foreign Currencies and Indexes. I Hate Seeing People Being led Down a Dead End.

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U.S Coin Investing Unearthed Information - Darryl Craig

Thank You for Your Purchase!


This Book Has Charted Just About Every Coin...taken a Price History from 1786-1974. This is and Was the Only Book Like This on U.S Coins.

Un-Earthed U.S Coin Information for the Coin Enthusiast.

Prices and Values Quoted in this Book is Way, WAY More Today. In This Book You Are Being Given Some Magic Previous Data, it isn’t Often Perhaps Never, that The Little Guy can Have Uncovered for Him a Plan with Ordinary Risks, that Promises a Yield as Great as This Does!

The Information in This Book is Bound to Astound You!


Full Glory Revealed Inside!!!


Please Keep into Account When Reading This eBook that the information was Written Between 1973- 1974!

The Most Astonishing Opportunity Story of the Century!

In the Pages Ahead, You Are Going to be Astound and Amazed. I Doubt Whether You Will Ever Read Such a Story. In the Lines Ahead You Will Have Startling Secrets and Figures Revealed to You for the First Time in an eBook. Up Until Now the Average Man has had Very Little Factual Material on the Subject I am Going to Cover. The Information in this Book is Absolutely Unheard of, Unknown and Unbelievable too. But You are About to See it in its Full Glory inside this Book.

Would it Surprise You if I Pointed Out How it has Been Possible for Just About Anyone...IN ON THIS have Become a Quarter of a Millionaire or Half a Millionaire During the Periods from 1941-1978 and Even More So Now. Prepared to be Surprised Because You are Going to See Over and Over Again, how Such Strange, but Good as Gold, Bonanza’s have Occurred Time and Time Again, Making Many, Many Ordinary People RICH in the Process and Even Richer than they Themselves Have Hoped for, Much to Their SURPRISE!

Instant Wealth!

Many of These Surprising Instant Wealth Stories came About in as Little as 7, 9 and 13 Year spans! Others Took Longer. Occasionally the Holding Period was even Less. It Just Seemed that the Wealth Accumulated, HAD TO HAPPEN! There was No Way to Stop it! If One Held on Long Enough. No Matter How Careless or Smart One Might have been, the FORTUNE was Sure to Come Eventually!

Those Fortunate Individuals who got into This Before Anyone Else Knew About it, probably didn’t Expect the Sense of Security. The Wonderful Security that was to Come with the Actually be Built-Into it! You Know All to Well that We live in a World of Insecurity. It is Just Impossible these Days to Attain that Special Feeling of Security and Perfect Contentment. Our Lifetimes are Seemed to be Programmed to Consist of Nothing but Ups and Downs, and Too Many Downs It Seems Most of the Time. What is their Left Today that Can Give Us a Full Proof Guarantee, almost, and What Can Really Offer Security...not Just a Fad or a Quick Flash that means Nothing? There are A lot of Years Ahead and They can be Tough Ones and Even Tougher Ones and Even Tougher When One Gets Old and Nobody Wants to Bother Much with You.

In This Mad World You Need Something that is Going UP!

You the Reader Needs to Work with a Product, that is The Most Important Thing in the World Today. You Need a Product that Must be the Only Real, Solid, Hard, Precious Thing Left Today. In this Mad World You Need Something That is Going UP, when Everything Else is Going Down. You Need Something Desperately that is Strong Enough to Weather the Terrible Economic and Monetary Storms that Lie Ahead, the Runaway Inflations and Disturbing Devaluations to Come. You Need Something oh so Badly, that Thrives on Such Troubles and on Scarcity, and Even Keeps Getting Scarcer and Rarer Itself!

Money has Always Been the Most Important Thing in Our Lives. Today what with Inflation and Taxes, and a Constant Devaluation and Erosion of Paper Money. Money and Money Problems are to Drive Most of Us Frantic and Up the Wall to Say the Least. Money Will Become So Important and Good Hard Money (Silver and Gold) will Attain Values Undreamed of Just a Short While ago.

Most of Our Spending Money is Now Unbacked Paper Money, fiat Currency. Coins are No Longer Silver and Gold, But Ordinary Copper or Nickle. There is No Longer the Discipline that Silver and Gold Backing Once Held Over Our Supply of Currency and Coin. Now We Just Go Ahead and Print All We Want. Its Happening and Happened All Over the World. Inflation and Irresponsible Paper Money Issuance is Now Worldwide!

The Only Thing Left That Offers Security!

The Only Product Left, it Seems, that Offers a Solid Kind of Security for the Little Mans Future, is Silver and Gold Coin!

Following Along We Will Have to Place Rare, Scarce Coins of Other Metals in the Same Category. These are the Precious Pieces that are Getting Rarer and Rarer and Scarcer and Scarcer. These are the Pieces that are Taking On New Unheard of Values as the Price of Silver and Gold Goes Up and Up and Up and as People Turn From the Common Investments in Search of a True Hedge Against They Turn to Older Antiques and the Rare Antique Coins, Seeking Protection and Security from the evil Forces that Abound in the Land of Ecommerce Today.

They are Seeking a Miracle and Believe Me, it Will Take a Miracle to Save the Average Man from a Hopeless Financial Situation that is Lying Ahead.

$828 000 In a Few Years

If I Told You that Some of the Fortunate Souls Became a Part of the Money World or Coin World and Purchased a Mere 20 rolls of 1889-CC Silver Dollars at $330 a roll, a Few Years Ago, Would You Believe Me When I Tell You That They Ended Up with $828 000?? Would

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