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Brelin and Wisherton

Brelin and Wisherton

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Brelin and Wisherton

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May 29, 2018


The Say family has settled and made friends in Brelin. Sevra’s strength is accepted, Yavic is learning to appreciate his unusual gift, and it seems that keeping the reigns on Lolly’s impulsiveness is the biggest day to day challenge.

Until Samtry is the one who goes missing.

Siblings and friends head into the night to find Samtry before her parents start to worry. What they find is one disaster after another. Soon everyone is worried. What will it take to find Samtry? And who else from Wisherton is trying to make it through this difficult night?

May 29, 2018

Über den Autor


Brelin and Wisherton - Amanda Hamm

Brelin and Wisherton

Amanda Hamm

Copyright 2018 Amanda Hamm

All rights reserved. Before Someday Publishing

Smashwords Edition

Brelin and Wisherton is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, events, etc. are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.


Chapter 1 – Where’s Lolly?

Chapter 2 – Where’s Samtry?

Chapter 3 – The Search Begins

Chapter 4 – Bad Luck

Chapter 5 – Worse Luck

Chapter 6 – In the Dark

Chapter 7 – Shorty

Chapter 8 – The Man from Wisherton

Chapter 9 – The Plan

Chapter 10 – Catching Up

Chapter 11 – Kerner’s Story

Chapter 12 – The Gift of Chaos

Chapter 13 – Where’s Tames?

Chapter 1

Where’s Lolly?

It’s nearly sunset, Yavic said. Don’t you have enough flowers yet?

Sevra looked at the bundle of mostly yellow blossoms in her hand. I don’t know, she said. Polly likes yellow, but do you think she’d want a big bouquet or a small one?

Yavic gave his sister a look that said he couldn’t be expected to know anything about that. Then he asked her where Samtry was.

She was going to look for flowers by the edge of the trees. Sevra gestured to a forest that ended a few hundred feet from their house. For some reason, their friends in Brelin called this forest the trees instead of the forest. So Sevra and the entire Say family also referred to it as the trees.

And where’s Lolly? Yavic asked.

Sevra returned the look he’d given her about the flowers. Lolly was the youngest sibling and the least likely to tell anyone where she was going.

Yavic shrugged defensively. Well, Mom and Dad wanted me to tell all of you not to be late. I’ll ask Samtry if she knows where Lolly is.

We’ll meet you there if you’re still looking for Lolly in a few minutes.

Yavic nodded and turned to walk towards the trees. He’d be meeting them at the wedding, if Lolly didn’t make him miss it altogether.

Samtry had restarted her bouquet several times. She’d only been to one other wedding since arriving in Brelin and hadn’t paid enough attention to the winning bouquet. Not that it mattered. Polly might have completely different tastes than the last bride. Everyone in the village was invited to the wedding. All the children were expected to gather wildflowers on their way. It was a tradition to offer the bouquets to the bride and considered good luck for the child whose bouquet she chose.

Samtry liked Polly and wanted her to have pretty flowers for her wedding. She also wanted to feel good about having her flowers in Polly’s hands. Samtry had been having trouble feeling good about much of anything lately.

The biggest flowers Samtry could find were light purple. She knew they had a darker purple center and would be much prettier if they were open. It was too early in the summer though. Most of them were still tight buds. She counted the flowers in her hand. Eight. She’d found eight that were partially open. Maybe the bouquet would look nicer if she put some of those fuzzy green stalks in it.

She plucked a few from the ground, then glanced up as she was trying to arrange her handful. Her brother was walking towards her. A confusing and unwanted flash of jealousy flared at the sight of him. Yavic could make those flowers open.

A lot of people Samtry knew could do some pretty amazing things. Her older sister Sevra could lift enormous weight easily. Her friend Tames made fire with his bare hands. Polly could read minds. Extraordinary feats were not exactly out of the ordinary. And yet they were sort of new to Samtry.

She spent the first nine years of her life in Wisherton. In Wisherton, gifts like strength and fire were greatly feared. People with those gifts were put to death because they were believed to be marks of the evil Herders. Those who received such marks needed to be killed before they passed the corruption to others and before they were fully corrupted themselves. It was believed to be the only way to escape becoming a Herder, which was a fate worse than death.

Samtry had left Wisherton nearly two years earlier. She had learned much in Brelin. Gifts were not evil, only misusing gifts. Everyone had a gift. Some were simply more obvious than others. Her mom, for example, was gifted with animals. Her parents raised sheep in Wisherton and were growing their flock in Brelin now.

None of the gifts were feared in Brelin. All of them were respected. Samtry knew that most girls received their gifts when they were about eleven or twelve years old. When Samtry turned eleven in the spring, she’d thought she was ready to accept whatever gift appeared and was excited to find out what it would be. It became almost immediately apparent to her that she had been given the plant gift. This was the same as both her grandparents. They ran a vegetable farm. Samtry noticed how she seemed to know on instinct which plants needed water, how much longer until they’d be ripe, which ones needed more space. She had a gift for tending plants. It was something useful, something she thought she could celebrate.

But some part of her must have expected a more fantastical gift, like Yavic. She had difficulty celebrating when she thought of him. He had a very rare version of the plant gift. He wasn’t only good at growing them, he could control them, make them move, bend them like magic. He could make her pitiful buds open up if he wanted and that made her jealous, which made her angry. She wanted to be satisfied with the gift she had. None of that was Yavic’s fault. It made her really mad that she wasn’t able to be mad at him.

Did you find some nice flowers? he asked as he reached her. He didn’t sound all that interested.

The question put a little salt on her raw feelings all the same. They’d be nice if they weren’t still buds. She swallowed her anger to ask for help. Can you make them open for me?

Yavic looked at the flowers she held out. Wouldn’t that be sort of cheating?

Samtry shook her head.

But it’s a contest. If someone else brings this kind of flower, they won’t be open yet.

Samtry rolled her eyes at this scruple. Yes, it’s a contest. But the point is to get the bride the prettiest flowers. We’re allowed to add ribbons and stuff. I’m sure we’re allowed to use gifts. I’m sure no one would say he was cheating if Tames showed up with a flaming bouquet.

Yavic laughed at the idea of Tames holding a bunch of fire flowers. He’s too old to bring flowers anyway.

I know, Samtry said. It was the first gift that popped into her head and probably not the best one for improving a bouquet. But she thought she’d made her point.

Yavic was still deciding if it’d be okay to help Samtry when he saw the purple petals spreading open. Apparently, he was more than leaning towards agreement.

Thank you, Samtry said.

So where’s Lolly?

Samtry shrugged. How should I know?

Yavic ran his hands impatiently through his hair. We need to go soon.

She’s excited about the wedding, Samtry said. As flighty as she is, you know she’ll still end up at the farm before it’s dark.

I guess. Yavic gave a little tug on his dark red hair then said, I’ll head that way to look for her. See you there.

Samtry nodded. She gently set her newly bloomed flowers on the ground to use both hands to tie some ribbon around the stems.

Yavic continued his search for his youngest sister. He waved at a few people he knew, also heading towards the fewl farm for the wedding. One of them was his friend Peppo. Peppo was Polly’s younger brother. He should have already been at the farm, but the wildflowers in his hand gave away why he wasn’t.

I thought we were too old to bring flowers, Yavic said. Children brought flowers to a wedding. Yavic was sixteen and did not consider himself a child. Peppo had gotten to sixteen two months ahead of Yavic.

Being the bride’s brother apparently changed the rules. Peppo sighed at the bouquet for a second before he answered. I am too old, he said. I’m too old and I had no intention of bringing flowers and then Polly asked me where my flowers were and my mom gave me this speech about how I was about to shame our whole family going back about six generations if I didn’t offer the bride some stupid flowers. I figured I could pick a few flowers if that would make everyone happy.

Yavic nodded. It sounded to him as though Peppo had made a wise decision. Have you seen Lolly? he asked.

She came over to milk some fewls, but that was hours ago. Peppo smiled to himself. She still can’t stop herself from squealing at them.

People usually smiled when they talked about Lolly, people outside the family who didn’t have to keep track of her and enjoyed the way she was always showing up out of the blue to do something impulsive. Hours ago, huh? Yavic scratched his head and kept his fingers in his hair. Knowing where his sister was hours ago was not helpful.

Well... Peppo looked thoughtful. "I think Rye said he was going to hunt flowers on the far side of our barn.

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