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Alexis Moonlight: The Cross Knight Chronicles, #1

Alexis Moonlight: The Cross Knight Chronicles, #1

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Alexis Moonlight: The Cross Knight Chronicles, #1

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Jun 1, 2018


The year 2066, October seventeenth, everything changed.

Creatures only believed to exist in fantasy novels and horror movies crawled up from their graves and declared in one powerful roar that they were the supreme species.

The immortals.

For mankind, the end days were here!

The devil spawns rapidly multiplied, turning their victims into demons against their will. They spread around the globe like a plague. Humans died in droves. Blood and tears ran like rivers in the streets.

Mankind was forced to put their differences aside to survive. Such a shame that's what it took. Maybe that was the idea. Maybe that's why God had forsaken the human race. It was because they had forsaken him.

Jun 1, 2018

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Alexis Moonlight - Yvonne Nicolas


Alexis Moonlight

Book 1

The Cross Knight Chronicles


Yvonne Nicolas


Blood Wars

Humans are idiots!

For thousands of years, mankind was under the notion that they were at the top of the food chain. Strange happenings over time proved otherwise. But they couldn’t be convinced. The arrogance of it all. Or perhaps one should call it ignorance.

Mankind had once again thrust itself into a war built on hate, bigotry, and power. History repeated itself tenfold. Only this time, it was worse. Racism and prejudice escalated to an all-time high. More than half of the world’s population were what society labeled as Exoticals, which was just another way of saying bi-racial. Despite that, humans still found reasons to hate each other. If that wasn’t bad enough, they damn near destroyed the ozone layer, so much that there were certain sectors—dead zones—where the air was unbreathable. Creators of their own demise.

Again, idiots.

Mother Earth was deteriorating, due to mankind’s incompetence and lack of compassion for her needs. Healthcare went to hell with the economy. Gas prices soared and religious beliefs were demolished.

In the midst of all that, the wealthy society took over. The Blue Bloods. Money ruled the world. Guess there was nothing new there.

A new division was formed. Now, it was the Blue Bloods against the middle class and the poor. Classism. Right when the wealthy were on the verge of systematically exterminating the society they called commoners, it happened.

Year 2066, October seventeenth, everything changed.

Creatures only believed to exist in fantasy novels and horror movies crawled up from their graves and declared in one powerful roar that they were the supreme species.

The immortals.

For mankind, the end days were here!

The devil spawns rapidly multiplied, turning their victims into demons against their will. They spread around the globe like a plague. Humans died in droves. Blood and tears ran like rivers in the streets.

Mankind was forced to put their differences aside to survive. Such a shame that’s what it took. Maybe that was the idea. Maybe that’s why God had forsaken the human race. It was because they had forsaken him.

As a response to the threat, the United Nations formed the Cross Federation. Interesting name considering they were basically a league of Blue Bloods from different countries who detested religion. All that aside, they thought they knew what was best for the world, and since the world had no one else to turn to, the Cross Federation was their only hope.

Walls were built, and technology was advanced in an effort to preserve the human race. Men and women were trained as Knights and injected with a drug that afforded them the special ability to annihilate the opposing force.

And thus, the Blood Wars began...

Chapter One

Shadow of Myself

The persistent banging on the front door increased the dull throb beneath her temple.

Alexis briefly closed her eyes and swallowed a groan. Ugh, hold on, Sanjay! Shit. Slumped over the sink, she splashed a couple handfuls of water on her face. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Dammit, it was starting to show.

Shadows rested under her eyes, due to lack of sleep. Her chestnut tone had lost a touch of its healthy glow. Even her hair wasn’t as glossy as usual.

Surely, her poor diet had something to do with it. On some days, she ate a little something just to fuel up and then on other days she didn’t eat at all. Her job required her to spend most of her time around the walking dead and rotting corpses. That alone made it difficult to work up an appetite.

The woes of being a Cross Knight...

But that wasn’t her only sleep wrecker.

The dreams... The face of a little girl she’d never seen before haunted her. Wild curly hair, soulful brown eyes, and a tawny complexion. The dream was always the same. The girl would stand at the railing of a canal, pointing out to the water. Alexis could never reach her, she could only watch in bewilderment. Who was this child? Maybe she was an apparition, someone’s precious girl who had been gobbled up by the monsters of this world.

If so, why is she haunting me?

Alexis! Sanjay’s muffled shout soared through the door. C’mon girl, we’re late! The hovercraft is waiting.

Damn, this man... She wrapped a headband along her hairline, pushing her curly fro back from her face. Wincing, she adjusted the snug armor over her breasts. Her tender nipples pushed against the inner padding. Either her boobies had gotten bigger, or the carbon fiber threading had drawn tighter.

Recently, the Federation retrofitted their battle uniform to a more streamlined design, which might be the technical term for all up in your ass crack. The lining beneath the lightweight armor adhered to the skin. Though she didn’t care for the snugness, it did make it easier to maneuver around during a battle. Needed the flexibility while striking down vamps who had the ability to move at the speed of light.

She slipped her feet into the padded, thigh-high boots, and tugged them up her legs. She took her time fastening each buckle on the sides. The ones closest to her hips were left unlatched. After adjusting the gauntlets over her hands and arms, she faced the woman gazing at her from the mirror. Hey you, raise your sword to the Heavens and purge the earth of hell’s spawns by the will of God. Don’t be the prey, be the hunter, blah-blah-blaaahh... She pulled in a deep breath and huffed it out with a sigh. Enough stalling. Let’s go, Alex. She hurried out of the bathroom and down the stairwell. Who’re you with this time? she called out.

I’m only with you, came Sanjay’s sultry reply.

Alexis glanced at the monitor on the side wall next to the door, making sure he was alone. He had the annoying habit of traveling with an entourage when he came to her quarters. She hated that crap, and he knew it. The last time he did that, she jabbed him in the face, right in front of his crew. After that, he promised to never do it again. For once, it looked like he kept his word.

Eve, disengage the security and open the door.

Confirmed, the disembodied female voice responded. The seven locks on the door clicked simultaneously. Door opening.

Most people preferred a physical droid as their personal live-in assistant. Not me. Those things creeped her out, just as much as clowns did. ‘Bout a year ago, the android designers decided to give them human features. Like that made them less creepy-looking.

The door slid to the right and disappeared into the wall.

Finally. Leaning against the doorframe, Sanjay smiled.

The brim of his hat sat low on his forehead, shading his dark eyes. The black leather-padded Cross Knight uniform lay against his muscles, showing off the definition of his strong physique. Sometimes I hate how fine this man is. Silver shimmered from the symbol over his chest—a crucifix haloed by wings. It was the Cross Knight’s crest, a symbol of hope in a time of death. A larger matching emblem was imprinted on the back of his floor-length trench.

I feel like you’re avoiding me, he crooned.

Maybe I am. She moved aside to let him enter. You’re not armored yet.

I’ll suit up in the craft. Come on, grab your sword and let’s go.

Why’re you in such a rush? Thought we had an hour to get to the site.

Orders changed.

By who?

Not a question you should be asking. He stepped over the threshold and brushed his gloved hand across her waist as he sauntered by. The brief connection made her tremble.

Biting her lower lip, she tried to ignore the quivering in her midsection.

Something’s off. He fingered her chin, forcing her to look up at him. What’s wrong?

She tugged on the chest of her armor, once again adjusting her ample breasts. Everything.

His full lips twisted into a frown. Not the answer I was looking for.

Huffing out a sigh, she rolled her eyes. Really, Sanjay?


You don’t really care what’s going on with me, do you?

He cocked a brow. Is that a trick question?

God, you’re... She flipped her hand in annoyance. Know what? Forget it.

Before she could walk away, he grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms. What can I say to put a smile on your face? Hm? Want me to tell you how beautiful you look? Playfully, he nibbled on her jawline. Especially when you’re in your armor. He smoothed his hands around her hips and clutched her ass. A lusty growl laced his voice. The way it fits like a second skin over your lovely curves. You know seeing you like this makes me crazy.

Oh please... Alexis wiggled out of his embrace and headed for her weapon cache. You’re just hard up for me to go hunting with you.

Sanjay was swift on her heels. Is that all you think I’m hard up for?

She clucked her tongue. Stop with the Casanova act. It’s not gonna get you what you want.

His laughter followed her. "Hunting with you happens to be the highlight of my day, babe. It makes my service to the cause so much more enjoyable. Now what happens after we hunt is what I really look forward to."

After-kill sex. It was hard to say no to a rough and nasty dick-down when she was hyped up on adrenaline. He took advantage of that every chance he got.

I was waiting for you to notice, but apparently I gotta spell it out for you. I haven’t been sleeping well and my appetite is pretty much nonexistent. Don’t act like you don’t see the bags under my eyes. The second she approached her storage room, a scanner emerged from the wall. I’ve been having some off the wall dreams, she added under her breath.

She and Sanjay stood motionless as the small red beam examined their retinas. Once the survey was complete, two beeps resounded, and the door slid open.

Are you dodging your Prolibrium injections? There was suspicion in his tone.

Shit! He knew. Alexis glanced over at the large black case, sitting on the corridor table. It held her daily dosage of Prolibrium—vitamin pack injections—a drug the Cross Federation deemed mandatory to take.

If you were smart, you would dodge them too. She headed into the room and started collecting her weapons.

On most missions, she carried two daggers, three G-four gats, a laser rifle and her sword. She didn’t use the sword often, but for some reason, she always felt the urge to bring it along. It was her good luck charm. The smooth ivory hilt was adorned with the etching of a foreign language, more like hieroglyphics. The same language lined the straight, double-edged blade in a sea blue color. It was such a gorgeous weapon. Sometimes, she would slide it from its handcrafted leather scabbard and just stare at the blade. On nights when she’d had too much to drink, the symbols would glow under her appraisal.

If you were taking your injections, you wouldn’t have issues with sleeping or eating, Sanjay said behind her, interrupting her inner thoughts.

So you say. She secured the tasset-holster around her waist and latched the straps to her thighs, then loaded it up. Once it was full, it hung low on her hips, just the way she liked it. You don’t even know what’s in those vials. As she slipped her sword into her shoulder sling, she heard him rummaging through her ammo case. Get outta my shit, Sanjay. You have your own ammo.

Ignoring her, he continued, The Primos keep a score of your dosages. Just because you pick up your stock every week doesn’t mean they aren’t the wiser. How long have you been off the Prolibrium?

I dunno. ‘Bout a month, I guess.

A month? Sanjay damn near growled. Are you mad, woman?

She smirked to herself. Maybe just a little.

No! This isn’t something you’re going to joke about. Irritation pitched his tone. A couple of days I could forgive, but a month? You’re treading on very thin ice. I’m a ranking Knight. I’m supposed to report this.

"Then go ‘head and do wha’cha gotta do, Vice-Commander Sanjay Rahim."

You better take this seriously. When they find out you’re intentionally not taking your vitamin pack, there will be nothing I can say to plead your case. They’ll discharge—

Frankly, I don’t give a shit if they discharge me or not.

Vitamins, along with a cerebrum, and energy stimulant was what they claimed were the main ingredients in the Prolibrium injections. After a few uncommon incidents, she got suspicious. The drug made her feel weird. Her memory would lapse, which was anything but normal. During those spells, she would blackout, but she wouldn’t lose complete consciousness. Sometimes she saw herself doing things that didn’t register to her mind. It was like being trapped inside of her body, unable to control her actions. One day while picking up her weekly dosage, she did a little snooping around the Cross Research Facility. Came to find out, there was a classified substance added to the mixture. It was a psychoactive chemical compound, something that altered consciousness and probably behavior as well. Should’ve known something wasn’t right in the beginning. Any drug required to be injected directly into the neck was suspect. After her findings, she stopped taking that shit.

Sanjay’s presence drew in close behind her. She felt the heat of his body burning through her skin-tight armor. Alexis, turn around and look at me.

She popped a few slugs into her G-four and slowly turned to face him. If it’s a lecture you’re about to deliver, you can save your breath, ‘cause Alex ain’t listening.

He flashed a smirk. You’re so damn defiant. Gently, he tugged on one of her coarse curls. When he let it go, it sprung back into place. That’s part of the reason I’m so captivated by you. His gloved fingertips grazed down her neckline to her shoulder, and down her arm, then he grabbed her. But no matter how foxy you are when you’re being sassy... His fingers bit into her muscles and his gaze hardened beneath the brim of his hat. I can’t let you continue to do something that will land you outside the wall?

She glanced down at the tight grip he had on her. "Probably better than being stuck inside the wall."

For a long moment, he said nothing. He just stared at her with his lips drawn tight. When he spoke again, his voice was soft. "Look, Alexis, I know it’s hard to accept our fate, but the force needs us. Mankind needs us. We’re knights—"

"No, you’re a knight! I’m an actress. Remember?"

And an outspoken activist, he added. Yes, I remember. I also remember watching that actress become one of the best knights on the force.

She laughed, but not so much in humor. Just because I’m good at it doesn’t mean I wanna keep doing it. She thought back on the last vampire she came face to face with during battle. The pleading glaze in his undead eyes haunted her ever since that night.

One of the first rules she learned upon becoming a Cross Knight was to never look into their eyes. Easier said than done while on the battlefield.

"You ever think that killing all of them isn’t the answer—that maybe some of them didn’t choose to be monsters? Like, I know we’re supposed to avoid their gazes so we won’t get caught under some sorta vampy spell or

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