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Vote Techno Party (Part 4 of 6)


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Vote Techno Party (Part 4 of 6)

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Now that the instant commodification of everything underground has become the norm, it's hard to imagine a truly subversive music scene that could change the world... but that's exactly what happened with the squat party movement in late 1990's England.

Squat party culture helped to launch everything from Reclaim the Streets and the anti capitalist / anti-G20 demonstration movement, to guerilla gardening. It was awash in streetart and electronic musical experimentation that went on day and night. "Vote Tekno Party" is a rare firsthand, personal perspective of the people, places, parties, the DJ's (and occasionally, even the dogs) who were involved in making that happen.

Vote Tekno Party is a must-read for anyone who loves dancing to techno, or squatting, or DIY activism... or who just can't stand the system. Nostalgia-free and gritty, this fictionalized account is a must read for anyone who wants to learn (or to remember) what a revolution on the dance floor actually looks like.

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