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Fear of Mystics

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Life in the apocalypse is never easy! Charred pyres with burned bodies litter the east side. Strange creatures have begun to appear across the landscape. Survivors’ camps and markets have begun to form together as some semblance of society tries to take shape. It has been a year and half since the Event, and the Council tries to make its way amidst the increasing death and devastation of a world gone mad. As rumors build of a new power in the east, with the ability to take away the powers of others, the Council must ally themselves with old foes to defeat a growing menace. But will their efforts be futile?
The Hermit roams the landscape, always showing up at the right time. Maxine Craven’s pack has grown to an immense size. Adam Cross leads a training outpost for healers, while the people of the Bluffs are beset with emotional turmoil and violent outbursts. Follow the characters from Age of Mystics as they return in Fear of Mystics, the ongoing saga of a post-apocalyptic world.

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