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Inspector Hadley The Gigolo Murders


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Inspector Hadley The Gigolo Murders

Länge: 319 Seiten4 Stunden


A fast moving and unusual crime story set in Victorian London in March 1882. Inspector James Hadley, assisted by Sergeant Cooper, are assigned by the Commissioner to investigate the sudden and unexplained death of his good friend, Mrs Abigail Hook, a newly married widow. Mr Hook mysteriously disappeared immediately after his wife’s death and the detectives begin their investigation, but they are diverted, on the orders of the Commissioner, when another wealthy widow, Mrs Lucinda Stafford, dies in similar circumstances soon after marrying Doctor James Stafford, who also disappears after his wife’s funeral. Mr Hook and Doctor Stafford cannot be traced by the detectives and the Bank accounts held by their respective wives have had all the available funds withdrawn in cash. A short time later, Mr Hook and Doctor Stafford meet and together they journey to Paris, where they enjoy a vibrant social life, inquire into property availability in the wealthier parts of the City with a view to purchase, before travelling on to Geneva. On their arrival, the two men make arrangements to open accounts with substantial amounts of cash at a Swiss Bank. Returning to London to attend to their newly married wives under false names, they are quickly tracked down by Hadley and Cooper. A violent confrontation ensues and Cooper is wounded before Hadley manages to arrest the culprits. They stand trial for the murders of their wives by administering poison and are found guilty.

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