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The Last Rectangle and other Short Stories

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These stories saw the light when the author was around 40 satisfying the writing urge he had always had. Having tried his hand at several literary genres, he settled on writing short stories.
Moving away from socio-psychological or pseudo auto-biographical fiction, he concentrated on writing stories that do not use traditional narrative or plots. The stories are literary ventures, playing with literary devices, the fiercely fantastic, or magic realist.
A series of houses that envelope a story each. A set of painters that contravene the principles of the Golden Ratio, Phi. A crab and its habits. A festival of laughter. A man whose life is encumbered with non-psychological and non-social difficulties. An afternoon spent by 4 unusual companions. Government exercises that leave citizens breathing with peace. A scarab and how to make one. A prisoner who subverts the offer of a last wish. Some are half a page long while others go up to 10 pages.

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